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  1. Sorry hadn't seen the discussion. I'll try to cover most points: @UnkownMap That's the point I'm trying to make since the beginning. Specing someone sniping smoothers the recoil for the spec - a lot. If you had specced me while I was recording the video you would have seen the same usual thing. I'm dealing with dizzy recoil while you can't see it as a spec. But it may have been a little dizzier due to the recording itself: I felt it was a little harder to play and snipe because of the recording, it took a little load on my computer so it was difficult to have a clean gameplay. I exec my config everytime I join the server then when I select sniper, medic, rifle. I have a config for each class, nothing unusual. I don't think it is possible to run anyting before the game starts. The game only execs a couple of cfg by itself, including autoexec.cfg This one made me laugh fa.cfg contains the following line: connect It simply makes it easier for me to join a server instead of going on trackbase, copy pasting the ip then typing /connect [ip] Can't be bothered to rewatch, I sometimes have phantom shots due to quick firing and mouse holding. A sign of wallhack means nothing, it's not the point here and you'd find 50 instances in a map in which you'd see I don't use a wh. Maybe you don't have at least 3000 hours in this game as a sniper. And maybe you don't have any optimized cfg setting that would help you lower your recoil (not remove it, as @daredevil said, the only command that would make a no recoil script work is the +lookdown command (+lookup works, but it would be dumb to use it for sniping :D) and the +lookdown command is obsolete in ET as a whole since 2004 or so. That's why I still have recoil to handle. If I don't pull down my mouse (do it 0.1 sec before firing, it will help), the recoil goes up as usual. And again, what you see as a spectator does not translate into what I have to deal with in term of recoil and shakiness. No, Fins players didn't have access to such scripts as I said. They were beasts. KRP Vanhaomena and Serimestari (aka panker) were absolutely exceptional with the sniper, I played them both, especially Vanhaomena with which I discussed a lot in his famous sniper fragmovie on Youtube, I was calling him a script user at the time, he explained to me that it wasn't the case (I think you can still find our discussions in the YT comments lol), then I started digging into what ET configs could bring me in term on lowering recoil and I found a clever way of using settings available for everyone to use. I won't share it here but I shared it with FA admins and they said it was ok since everyone can use these settings to their advantage. I simply think noone bothers to dig into this for sniping because people don't really care about this weapon. They don't play it besides the usual moments in maps that allow it. So they don't really know about this weapon, don't know everything that can be accomplished with it, every trick it allows. That's why not a lot of people can replicate what they see when they spectate me. Sniping requires a lot of skills, a variety of techniques that requires a really long time to master. As I said, it took me hundred of hours playing the best ET snipers on sniper servers (on sniper maps - you have no idea how good we were when ET was at its peak) to master every sniping techniques and thousand of hours to experiment, play with it and reach a high level. Anyway I hope you'll take into account what I tried to explain the best I could, feel free to reply, I don't mind discussing it again. I kind of like talking about sniping Regards, RASHOMON
  2. Thanks for the support hopefully things get quiet
  3. Yea that's absolutely it. First part is decent, second one is straight garbage.
  4. Maybe with a more elaborated post, we'll have a chance to see a map change on Jay #1 and see the failing tunnel camp'n'spam Oasis gone. The map has been seating around -60 votes for months now, I was told to suggest a replacement for this map. ANY map will be better than this one. Suggestions for a replacement: Dubrovnik (pros: fun, fast paced, lots of fighting places, a cool objective and a well designed map. cons: maybe a bit too crowded when the server is full, the objective at church could be camped easily by axis). Industry: didn't play it for a long time but the obj is nice, the map is wide with a lot of fighting places too) Missile: a huge map that was played in competitive settings, it's a fun map with 2 or 3 forward spawns, I don't remember its details specifically though. Rommel: fun desert map, played it a long time ago. Oil Raid: very well designed map, maybe too small for the server population. Svarvadel: another desert map, lots of skirmishes and fighting points, fun memories. Wolfsrudel: no real memories.. x-dam complex: fun allaround map el kef: goldrush design like, could be worth a try! Reactor: too crowded? used in competitive play, good memories It could be fun to try some of these maps, I'm sure a lot of them have potential (maybe they were in previous rotations) but please get us rid of Oasis
  5. The zoom is normal! And I'm not sharing that
  6. Hello everyone, as suggested by Daredevil, I recorded myself with an outside source (OBS) playing sniper on the FA main server so that everyone can see that I don't use any illegal program or mouse macro to reduce my sniper recoil. In the video you can see that I open both the taskmanager (it's in French so I can help you with my limited knowledge if you need me to translate anything) and my mouse software so that you can see that I don't have any macros loaded. For some reason, I was playing in full screen but the the recording shows only a windowed version of me playing after a 1 week break with a bit of lag (the gameplay quality is thus not very high) but at least, everyone can see how I play and will hopefully refrain from making foolhardy comments. I have submitted my cfg to high admins and members and it was ruled okay. If you need anything from me I'll be glad to assist you and provide you with any information I can give! Best regards, RASHOMON e: the video file is too big for me to post here directly so you'll have to watch the demo on streamable. The link is: https://streamable.com/1gmbt
  7. Hello, I'd like to suggest Dubrovnik as a new map for the #1 Jaymod server.
  8. Oh. Well that settles it then
  9. Well I think someone who played CS thought the map was good and decided to recreate it for ET! If you take Dubrovnik, the harbour is very similar to the one IRL. The same goes for other maps, I'm sure other CS or FPS maps have been recreated in ET!
  10. is it really the same developer? I wouldn't be so sure.
  11. I thought this was common knowledge!
  12. Wait it works that way? I actually have it in my cfg, that's why I always spawn as a medic... Damn I'm dumb.
  13. Yea, the server seems to be configured so that when you join a team with a bind, you spawn as a medic and not a soldier with no heavy weapons. It makes more sense but it doesn't have to do with your class bind, they don't work on Jaymod, I don't know what can be done in that regard.
  14. Hi there, There is a glitch on the et_beach map that allies snipers can take advantage of. When you are underwater, you can see through the water surface therefore you can spot an enemy while crouching then fire up quickly by standing up then crouching again while the enemy (the axis player) cannot see anything through the water surface. I've attached 2 screenshots so you can see for yourself. Thanks for taking care of the matter. Not sure if the glitch is fixable by editing the map file or simply by dissallowing the use of the glitch. Regards, RASHOMON

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