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    1. captnconcrete


      i dont think problem is 21.. pretty sure hes older!

    2. CaRaNo


      no ... its not me 

    3. Bunnny


      Okay i was just looking at my steam friend requests and saw that name and it looked so familiar 😛

  1. I think every MLB map has these "secret rooms" they are part of the map and both teams can access it.
  2. If you mean ETdo4 its Mechatronics. I asked it to be removed in my first post.
  3. Yes but it wont be that big of a deal since there is only one place where you can push teammates down. And its cool when you can kill yourself with grenade and medic revives you and pushes you down. You will survive the fall because of spawn protection, then you can build ladder so your teammates can come down. 1 admin or clan friend is enough to stop players pushing
  4. Wait what? Is that new rotation? If yes looks its not active yet because we are playing 1944 Overlord just now in Jay1
  5. I think its time to wake up this topic again! There is few maps that has big problems to work on Jay1 1944 Overlord This map is pretty much impossible for allies since second objective is right next to axis spawn and path there is very narrow. + This map has very much negative votes. Tramfight Same goes here, most of the times allies really struggle on this map. Couple landmines on the rails are enough to stop the train everytime. Mechatronics It is OK map with full server, but its so big map that with low amount of players it get finished in 5min. MLB Daybreak What ive seen players dont really like this. And if you scroll up this topic you can find issues posted about this map. I would like to see atleast some of these back https://et.trackbase.net/map/7533 Kerkyra https://et.trackbase.net/map/54 UJE00 https://et.trackbase.net/map/117 Cathedral https://et.trackbase.net/map/285 Ruins of Acquiesce https://et.trackbase.net/map/540 Sands of time https://et.trackbase.net/map/304 Grave robbery
  6. Thanks for the games guys i couldnt be there for long but im glad i was able to attend.
  7. What is your name in game? Im not sure if i received your request or not lol
  8. Level 66 is good im only level 27. Added you
  9. Any pool players here? Let me know your Unique ID so we can play or add me ID: 164-363-123-9
  10. I tested nade jumping on this part of the map with @FixFox and we had no problem to get on the roof. On the image below red part was blocked with invisible wall but on blue part there was no wall.
  11. Bunnny

    Chat kick

    Maybe i should try this For me this started after halloween game day. I deleted my nq folder but that didnt help me.
  12. Bunnny

    Chat kick

    I have similar issue, but i dont get any error message or anything just instant crash to desktop. For me it gets fixed everytime after map change. Do you crash if you type /messagemode in console?
  13. Last two or three times when i have played FA_temple on jay1 every time almost half of the players have crashed on some point of the map

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