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  1. Last two or three times when i have played FA_temple on jay1 every time almost half of the players have crashed on some point of the map
  2. - Stiglitz https://et.trackbase.net/map/8424 (I have never played this so i dont know how this works, but its something completely different and looks fun) - UJE 00 https://et.trackbase.net/map/54/ - Stalingrad https://et.trackbase.net/map/108/ - School https://et.trackbase.net/map/10/ - Grave robbery https://et.trackbase.net/map/304 - Raid https://et.trackbase.net/map/7705/
  3. @Bunnny You need to fix the W:ET GUID in your profile.


    You mis-typed one character.

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    2. RedBaird


      Yes, yes it is very good now!  :D


      I just happened to notice it while working on something else. 

    3. Kai


      Does this mean bunny will be fa

    4. RedBaird


      No, it means that I do not have to unset his VIP level 8 on the servers! :D 

  4. I agree with Cabal on this one. Arty, shotgun and mg42 are just fine. Poison gas should be disabled on smaller maps like supplydepot, bremen, pirates... on bigger its ok i think. (I know its disabled on some maps just dont remember which maps) I think many of these problems HipKat mentioned could be solved with bigger maps.
  5. Even both of them has exactly the same fire rate, damage and bullet spread i feel like i hit better with mp40.
  6. 50$ Thanks for keeping this game alive see you guys on server 6VH92764716091311
  7. Exactly summer is almost over and its time to go back to school!
  8. Pretty much every day i see people complaining about maps on jay1, but still theres only few map suggestions on this thread. So here's few maps id like to see on server: School - https://et.trackbase.net/map/10/ 0-40 players? Transmitter - https://et.trackbase.net/map/37/ 0-40 players? Sands of time - https://et.trackbase.net/map/540/ 0-64 players? Stalingrad - https://et.trackbase.net/map/108/ 0-64 players? Warmissile - https://et.trackbase.net/map/7531 0-64 players? Grave robbery - https://et.trackbase.net/map/304 (i know on this map axis can push each other down to death just like in cortex but it wasnt problem when this was on rotation last time) 40-64 players? + 6 flags daredevil already said will be added I assume that we also need to remove maps to get new ones. Here is the maps i dont see working on Jay1: Battery (remove or add antirush not one or two times ive seen it rushed in like 2mins) Eagles 2ways (not very liked what ive seen + been in rotation for a while i think) Castleattack (heard many players saying that they dont like this map) Snatch3 Braundorf Fueldump (fps problem im not the only one)
  9. tipsy is dead

    1. Platonic


      Long live tipsy!

    2. equaLz

      + equaLz

      rip Tipsy :o 

  10. This is me everytime i get home from work ( :

    1. Cit0


      and here is you at work :)



  11. Bunnny


    H ello Vidmo, my name is Bunny( :

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