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  1. Hey guys. So some of you know the story with me. Some of you not so much, I just wanted to say hey, check in and tell you guys how much I miss you all. You’re all an amazing FA-mily. I’ll post again soon and explain some of my craziness! But for now enjoy your Christmas and Have a Happy Holidays!!!
  2. I feel that I need to make a post here about this awesome headset I've been using for over a year now: Lucid Sound LS40 to be specific. The company has other headsets, however this is the only one that I can personally speak for. Pros: Simple to use Wireless Multi-platform Quality of Sound Costumer Service Comfort for long playtime Cons: Cost ( 200$ ) USB Connector is an awkward shape. Okay, so I'd like to break down some of the above stated items: - Simplicity is key, you plug in the USB receiver and turn the headset on and they link together no matter the platform. I personally use it on PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. - It has an excellent wireless connectivity, you can ask a few of the folks I play DOI with I've chatted with them from the kitchen many-a-times. - Sound quality is excellent 7.1 surround sound. Depending on the game you will feel like you're immersed completely. - The USB connector sticks out quite a ways, and is prone to being snapped off or overheating depending on placement. - My USB connector overheated and essentially melted, I emailed the company and they replied within an hour and are shipping a replacement already. I searched for a few minutes for an all system compatible headset and was hard pressed to find one that worked for them all. Perhaps that's just a selling point for me, but I find it highly enjoyable to be able to use the same headset for all of my gaming needs. This thing is basically a turtle beach headset for everything! The ear cups fit well and don't crush my ears, giving an extended playtime comfort. The mic dongle is removable, it has a built in mic on the underside so it can be used with or without the boom. I can't speak of the mic quality, but you could ask Red Angel, or Major since they listen to my stupid voice the most they might be able to tell you. Anyway I hope you enjoy my scattered confusing review of this headset. I'm open to formatting advice!
  3. Hello and Welcome Fin! It's great to have you here! I've only heard terrible things of 29 Palms, sounds like Colorado would be a nice change of pace! Anyway Welcome to this crazy place!
  4. Hi, and welcome to this crazy place!
  5. Oh my god! That is the coolest darn thing ever! I can't express enough thanks. This is awesome! You're the bomb!
  6. What is the signature about? - DOI/Explosives in anyway. The size of the signature in pixels? - I don't have any idea what that means, uhh normal? The colour combination you prefer? - I like Orange and Green a lot but it can be anything. The text you want on the signature? - Just my name =F|A= I'mACoolBombTech? would be awesome Anything signature maker should avoid? - Nope I'll be super excited no matter what! Not picky!
  7. Hi! I'd feel a whole lot more official with a signature. It'd be awesome! Something DOI related since that's all I play at the moment. Anything pertaining to explosives would be sweet too! Thanks in advance for anyone willing to put up with my vague request!

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