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  1. INS for me on friday as it is also my birthday then hahaha
  2. ill be there for Sandstorm, Because im single As f***!
  3. @ Major Stalvern Well be the sounds of your laugh, you nearly choked to hahaha
  4. I think im really improving on posing these models, belive it or not these 3 toke me 40 mins to pose + adding all the details like Bullet Casings , muzzle flashes, finger posing (wich is the hardest) and alining the weapons with the fingers, Anyway feel free to say your thought and maybe give me some tips and gimmie your feedback, PS a year ago it toke me forever to pose just one model, now i can atleast do 3 to 4 in 40mins!
  5. Id like to have The Chaplain on the left with and the name Chaplain Lemartes Written in Firey Letters and a Imperial Aquilla Background, and add the text "I Am The Emperors Will Made Manifest" somewhere The Chaplain The Aquila (for background)
  6. I play airsoft for about 6 years now, Here some fotos of me in action
  7. This is a little preview on something ive been workin past few day on Garry's Mod! in my huge fantasyive come up with this. Its 1947, after beating soviet russia in 1945 Germany Sent most troops to the invasion of the USA, after 2 years of brutal fighting, the Werhmacht and SS have reached the persidential bunker near The White House! This Is America's Last Stand!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-DgRO1Sr
  9. Hi! This is my youtube channel, not much, but i upload from time to time, Feel free to check it out and tell me what u think! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXqsQRldNK1qK8WQWiQdjNA?view_as=subscriber
  10. I Create Garry's Mod Scene's! Tell me what you think! it ranges from Warhammer 40.000 to World War 2!
  11. My name is Maarten De Belder. MyOnline name is Either DarthHunter (Discord) or Chaplain Lemartes in games, i am 24 years old i am autistic and i do Airsoft as a hobby, i dont drink , smoke or do drugs i like Warhammer 40k , World War 1 and 2 , Star Wars , Star Trek. My airsoft arsenal exsists of (should anyone care) AK-74 - RPK-74 - M9 pistol - P226 Pistol - L69 Sniper - Dragunov - STG-44 - MG42 - PO8 Luger Pistol - Walther P38 - Kar98k - MP-40 - Gewehr 98 - MG-34 - M16 (Vietnam Era) - M416 - and ALOT more So yeah thats me, ive only known FA for like 2 days so far and so far ive had nothin
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