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  1. I don't care enough to celebrate, but I was far from a fan. Don't mind seeing it go. But good for them earning high six digits per episode. Should be a nice retirement
  2. This is comedy right here. As far as spamming goes was he just annoying or did he cross a few other lines aswell? Just curious, he seems pretty harmless to me.
  3. PaKo

    Hi guys!

    Hey welcome! I've seen you on the servers and I wouldn't call you "the biggest prey ever" at all. I know a few lads I'd give that title to however :D
  4. Welcome Jesse! Which servers are you active on?
  5. PaKo

    Bad Angel

    Probably the nicest case of friendly fire I've ever heard of.
  6. Welcome! If hc is a bit too hectic for you try Silent#1, it's a nicer pace there imo, and ratty frequents both :)
  7. Okay so this has been on my mind for a while now. I've been quite active recently on Silent #1 and HC and I've got to say, as fun as it is it can get quite annoying given that I'm forced to play on 100+ ping. I like fragging and I've got great aim but more often than not I find myself aiming directly and not landing hits, often making me have to adjust shots infront/behind my target based on a random guess. Now I probably wouldn't say anything but I've noticed a lot of players on these servers originating from Europe and North Africa too, all of them would without a doubt find this incredibly useful. Now I'm no expert and I don't know what would take to make a Europe based silent server reality altho I'm guessing it's a fairly simple process for you guys given that you already have a few europe based jay servers. (I've visited them and I've got to say playing on them feels smooth as butter compared to my fav. servers, I wish I could settle for jaymod but...no.) So any thoughts on this?
  8. PaKo


    Thanks Cheep, appreciate it. Yeah it auto selects akimbos for me too, but I always load out with a single pistol for some reason.
  9. PaKo


    I reckon this was already asked/answered before but is there a way to simplify the akimbo pistol selection. Especially given that I often get that glitch where you can't use them at all.
  10. Nice house, simple red brick design, love it. My apartment building is of a very similar design, white with red brick, totally underrated.
  11. PaKo


    Hey everyone. My real name's Patrick, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia. (I might change my ingame name to PaKo, not sure yet) Two days ago I came back to W:ET and I've been having more fun than I expected, so I pretty sure I'll be here to stay. I was 7 years old when I first played ET, today I'm 22. I mostly play on Silent, I don't mind Jaymod but I kind of dislike double jumps. As far as my playstyle goes, I either rambo medic for frags, play medic to heal and revive as much as I can, or (my personal favorite) find a really good fragger/obj player and babysit them. Its been 3 years since I last played so I'm still not as good as I once was but I'll get there in no time. I guess that's all I can think of gamewise for now. Oh, and I also saw that you have a CoD4 server, I used to play competitively years back but as much fun as it was, I doubt I'll be playing it again, it's not a timeless gem like ET imo. A few more details in regards to ET; Some of you may know "ppX", I think he played on Jaymod servers. He's my father, he's the one that got me into W:ET back in '03, he even bought me a computer once he saw how much I enjoyed it and we used to game together a lot back then. Fun fact; He uses MOUSE1 to move forward and MOUSE2 to move backwards, space to shoot, CTRL to jump etc. That's the controls I originally learned to play the game with, altho I soon switched to classic because you can't efficiently strafe that way Shoutout to my old clans; Crimson Soldiers (my fav, 24/7 fueldump only, it's been dead for a long time now) Ministry of Destiny (I left given that i quit ET, later when I returned again I couldn't find a single trace of it) AxE (the most recent one, some of you may remember it, 3-4 years ago there was some internal sabotage, the clan owner (Croatian friend) had the forums stolen and all of us got banned and given that ET's popularity was on a decline we gave up and quit ET, it was a lot of work getting it as active as it was) About me; As I said I'm 22, I finished a tourism oriented high school and decided not to pursue further education. I played basketball for years until I had to quit (health issues). After high school I moved to London and lived there for a good while, it was a great experience altho if and when I return to the UK I'll probably choose a smaller city. As fun as it is, London is hectic Now that I'm back in Croatia I mostly chill here in Zagreb and go on hikes around the country every month, I love the outdoors and camping and am hoping to see all my country has to offer by the time I turn 23. Croatia is a beautiful country, no matter what type of character you are, you'll find something of your liking here without a doubt. After Croatia I'll be moving to either Peru or Australia given that I'd have an easy start there (friends, accommodation, job opportunities etc.) and keep traveling and living all around the world until I eventually find a place I deem my piece of heaven and settle there. That's all I can think of now, if any of you have any other questions don't be shy and fire away. See you on the servers (Btw. I'm currently working on building a DIY liquid cooling system for my PC so in the meantime I'm using my fathers PC which is why I ran into ET again. Idk if there's a way to transfer my profile, GUID etc. back to my pc once I'm done, if not I'll just start over)

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