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  1. very interesting, many commands unknown to me despite many years that I create various cfg
  2. calm down Boss, I have not criticized the server, and I have not talked about the known problem of 30 seconds of total lag for all that was found in the past, I just said that when there are many players, and at some times of the day, do not enter the shots even if you shoot a player still, this problem also have other people, but I never said it is caused by the server, but probably by the players who have excessive ping, and maybe play while downloading or sending files on the internet, many have a high but stable ping, that does not create a problem, but when I'm a spectator and I see peopl
  3. I took them 10 minutes later, following another player
  4. I got distracted, I delayed a few minutes but I took screenshots
  5. in 7 minutes I will take screenshots
  6. I will record a demo at 11 PM EST today
  7. maybe it would be better to make a demo, for example I played now on jay1, at this time usually it is impossible to shoot anyone, strangely I killed everyone so simply that I was stunned, I was blindfolded and people died too easy
  8. I did not take the screenshot, the next time it happens, I'll take it
  9. in a whole year, I noticed that in the morning and all night my ping stable at 45ms- 47ms during the day it rose to 49ms and max 55ms this has always been the standard of my connection while in these months, worsening in the morning and all night my ping stable at 60ms- 62ms during the day rose to 68ms and 70ms max
  10. I am very happy with this surprise. Probably my ISP has solved my problem for me
  11. this, what I meant, when I said that it was months in jay3 that my latency had worsened from 45-50ms to 60-70ms, even though I restarted my router, while before for 1 year I always had low latency, (45- 50ms) today with much amazement, I noticed with happiness that things are back as they were before, it is surprising, something has changed in the routing from Italy to Germany, I do not know if the problem was in my ISP, or on the JAY3 server, because if I entered JAY1 my ping is always the same for 2 years, despite being in America, and the same applies to JAY2 I always had the same late
  12. they do not exist seta cl_netlimit "1" seta cl_125hz "1" seta r_CompressModels "1" seta r_detailtexture "0" seta r_loadbias "2" seta r_clear "1" is cheat protected I do not think a good player like you, use this cfg
  13. rightly a good player notices it by looking at his acc, even I usually have an acc that varies from 36 to 40 on jay 1, that's when I have these problems, drastically drops to 19% or 11% despite I played an excellent game I do not think I'm so incapable
  14. I know that sv_maxping is server-side, I'm just saying, that many people play, with an unstable ping, which fluctuates from low ping, and even up to 700, are those that create problems, sometimes it seems that some players, have some program that make others laggare, I'm not talking about the problem of the lag of 30-60 seconds that we all know, I'm talking about the speech started by PXRockET
  15. sv_maxping 0, it does not seem to me that helps maybe sv_maxping 400 makes things better it's just an opinion, please do not start attacking me like you always do by Lenovo the black sheep
  16. I'll give you the last example, until a few months ago, my ping on jay3 was fixed at 45-50, now it's still at 60-68, and the accuracy has worsened a lot and doing the tracert, the routing to the server changed, so something changed them, or my ISP? it also happened with jay1, with the only difference that by changing the route, I got some improvements
  17. should also understand, if the machine used for the server, is free, or works with other servers maybe other games, it is what other internet traffic uses the server line for other things, because it is not the same 24 hours a day the efficiency and the fluidity of the server
  18. and anyway I noticed that it always happens when specific people enter, probably these people with high and non-stable pings, maybe they play with many open downloads, they cause lag to other players, the server turns bad, then when they leave, everything comes back working , and I guarantee you that I'm not crazy, it's something I've known for 2 years since I play on your servers
  19. this problem, I happen every day on jay3 from 06.00 pm Italian time, at 10.00 pm Italian time, impossible to hit anyone, in fact I never play at that time even if I would like, because in those hours the server is full, and there I'm all the players I know, but I'm unable to play, I do not think my Italian line is so bad as to get this result, it's definitely the server
  20. maybe you have to restart the server
  21. I had just turned on the computer, and the router, I played a game on goldrush, seemed to have the 56k modem, acc low and nohit
  22. I have always had this problem, but only at certain times of the day, and only when specific players enter the server even in these moments, my acc falls even to 19% ping is always the same, my fixed fps at 76 good lagometer yet the blows do not come in, even if the people are still and come from behind in silence
  23. currently 05.00 am Italian time, many lag and nohit
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