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  1. MUUUU


    Thx! any idea of who that can help me to create a better cfg?
  2. MUUUU


    How to make the autoexec?
  3. MUUUU


    But when i bind h *autorecord* its only start the recording. And i use h for the vstr demotoggle.
  4. Hi guys, im looking for a new cfg to inprove my gaming. im not that good to cfg so hope someone here can help pls... my cfg now is attached... my pc spec is Pc Lenovo L540 CPU Lenovo Intel(R) CORE(TM) i5-4210M CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM 3.73gb Internet connection cable 170 download 35 upload Monitor 1920-1080 M1.cfg I use crosshair. 5
  5. MUUUU


    Hi guys.. I have a problem, when I load my cfg it allow me to use demotoggle. but if i disconnect and reconnect it disapear and i need to /exec cfg again? "vstr demotoggle" set demostop "set demotoggle vstr demostart; stoprecord; echo ^(Stopped Demo set demostart "set demotoggle vstr demostop; autorecord; echo ^(Recording Demo set demotoggle "vstr demostart"
  6. Nevermind it is working now duno how.
  7. My ET is lagging, i reinstalled it, got a few new pc components, now i play around 20 fps and it looks like that rendering smaller objectives is slowing the whole thing down. Iv'e tried differens installers and installations drivers, but no change... I reinstalled my windows 10 and switched to HDD?
  8. Hi Guys If i want to vsay Hi! and then Merry Christmas and then wanna have a christmas tree like: Is it possible?
  9. oh i got it fixed.. it was me who was daydreaming i guess. thx for answer
  10. Its stille the same. Low letters
  11. Hi guys, is there anyone who know how u get big letters in Enemy Territory? I wanna make a bind that says HELLO DO U LOVE MY M40. i do bind k vsay "hi HELLO DO U LOVE MY M40" and when i exec my bind i just say hello do u love my m40?
  12. Ohh can u explain that at bit

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