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  1. How interesting! I have not seen this, but I do like the idea of catering your "work" around your life and passions as opposed to the other way around. Me personally, I think I would rather just gain financial independence all together and then do as I please. Theoretical at this point for us, but still viable if our math is right.
  2. Ah, now I see. Yes, I can understand your sentiment. That's why I was never satisfied with just learning a WYSIWYG like WordPress, but wanted to get my hands dirty hard-coding thing.
  3. Hey guys, Just to throw it out there, has anyone heard of the, what some might call, movement of young people pushing for early retirement through minimal spending and maximal investing? This is something my wife and I are starting to do and it's absolutely mind-blowing that we never knew this stuff before and how pivital it can be in someone's life. This is the blog I follow, btw: https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2013/02/22/getting-rich-from-zero-to-hero-in-one-blog-post/
  4. Ha, that crocodile sign, what?!
  5. What do you mean by scratch by hand? At some point you have to use a text-editor to code, correct?
  6. Yes it was me! Thanks, I think I will join discord sometime soon. Milk is quite wonderful, though I am not a fan of country music for the most part (ironic because I grew up in KY)
  7. Ha, we do indeed Soja! Glad to see you on the forums.
  8. Oh snap. I yield to your bangedness. Yea, my name came from my love of old Western novels (specifically those by Louis L'Amour). Have probably read over 50...
  9. Oregon? Nice! Super close. I have several friends who live there. Beautiful part of the country! From what I hear, not too friendly towards us Californians though...
  10. Ha, still getting used to the notification system here on the website so I had NO IDEA so many people had replied to this! How funny... Well thanks for the replies folks... I will try and reply back to some of them.
  11. Naw, I wasn't but I would always see his name on trackbase and smh because I used that name long before he started showing up on ET lol
  12. First name: Mat Any sort of Nickname?: Muy Caliente (jk) Age: 27 years young What country are you from?: I was... born in the USA (enter music) Are you a Parent?: Proudly (the little booger is 1) What do you do for a living?: Business-y stuff Farthest you've been from home?: Jordan What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Came back to play ET and really enjoyed your servers! Good community, rules, mods, and regular people on it. Cat or Dog?: I am a human What are your hobbies?: Video games, church stuff, taking walks with family, eating good food! What kind of Sports do you like?: Grew up playing soccer and swimming, but got into volleyball and Ultimate in college What's your favorite color?: Midnight Blue How about your favorite type of music?: Indie Pop Favorite Song?: Too many to pick one... jeez What's your favorite TV show?: Psych What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Comedies, chick flicks, action, spy stuff (think Bourne movies), adventure Favorite Movie?: The Man From Snowy River Favorite Book?: The Practice Of The Presence Of God What do you like most about yourself?: The fact that I process deeply about life and am a good friend What makes you very happy?: Food, family, friends, fun What makes you very sad?: Broken relationships What's your favorite beverage?: MILK. Anyone who knows me IRL knows how true this is... What you're favorite food/snack?: BBQ Favorite subject in school?: Comp Sci stuff Favorite thing to learn about?: Coding and Philosophical things If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: New Zealand or maybe Northern Ireland What are your top three games of all time?: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, SSB Melee, League of Legends
  13. Been on a budget slashing (and investment planning) spree recently and have been trying out hypermiling. It helps I got a Prius. Anyone else tried it or interested in it?
  14. I just wish Sketch was for PC too also, have you tried Atom vs Sublime 3? I’ve heard it’s up and coming and gaining lots of steam in the text editor scene (developed by GitHub people I think).

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