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  1. Merry christmas from Gran Canaria and thanks for all your work with the server!JgKK1q11eyI7zLfNFA6xEp2xYeCcUP11h3hn536155wGCc-VMWzA02ILf5tbUtTBcR8zN_neO3rV0l0Fds-hJr91rRugC5_0S0DtjbcNo-SoRLLwI87XHcJGqNH1x7jr0e47QLCjzmsCpdYVLVbQtfU9tnjZFwPGDQ48G2Ucm-6THUsnCJW8MRRvKTaX9VAN6mzbL0NeF5vyq16l4qBvnfjqvEj4RLVAilzbLjoO6c-W3tVpjLV_zXOHwmCbqYvIpYnjI76Ks8efenzTYLQguGItLk1Q8WmiO8w9MQFWBA8VCUbyLFLDOFk5aU4_7oAHMUKl-aSRtPQYL3Nxhi1jVhbeJHMUwhLXmB4j1r24_nQ6Bx3AAL7zgybA64rNMrkBRcYvXRODf22LuP0JbRTU5X89puRZ3OOgF4b9kIvpOkGLcZ4thSqhyzgni9-b0TaAYF30iV7KnhvDpX2_uN3Hl2fha7_eWMjLdMZAR1mL9U_LfQp09XCpX3MTHUi8zkkaWF-MxXSFodORiZ334n724jaPceWxnXGPBinbAlvoGKD3XZwslBdPHbgfFslx9DLChGV00q2W_5fZNgYkcgOkL9aRFf5pP3UAXWjlKR_DIdZ9dhY8c4vA1CfbuFv0_um7Xk8LG1qIviPNicVHR0NJSCPsWZ7OEH3TzyTsoMUp7JdiD7bpTNNHJU4=w1206-h904-no

    1. GHARIB


      Hey my friend!

      Have fun, and all best for you and your family!

  2. Haven't tried it yest, but running Affinity Designer trial right now. Sadly it lacks multiple point transformation for doing perspective.
  3. Looking fiiiiine! Is it going into the jay3 rotation?
  4. Remember seeing you the first times I started playing on Jay3, always having a good time. Cheers mate!
  5. Daniel Martin Diaz: http://danielmartindiaz.com/
  6. Jay3 - love rapid fire and adren, and all the nice players!
  7. Typical week right now is 30km running in two or three sessions, 1-2x taekwondo sessions, 1x bjj (brazilian jiu jitsu) session, 1-2 crossfit or weigthliftning sessions. Flexibility and stretch 2-3 times a week. I'm 46, has always done some type of sports, and latest is 10 years of cycling, both road, tt and mtb. The cycling left me very stiff and due to too much instense distance training I got heart arrhythmia which had to be treated surgically a couple of years ago. Now I focus on maintaining a healthy body that will last as along as possible.
  8. You mean on Jay3? I've started to appreciate the summer version now. But I guess it will soon be time to revise the map rotation.
  9. Have you tried Jay3 (beginners1)? More high paced with adrenaline and high speed shooting. Lots of fun
  10. Water, add frozen raspberries and or blueberries, keep.in fridge for 24 hours. Perfect meal drink.
  11. Finnish blood mini pancakes. Don't know how they're supposed to be served, but I had lingonberry jam, carrot and maché salad. Great stuff.
  12. Loved RTCW, but never played in any clans, but that changed when ET arrived. Was solidly hooked 04-07, made maps, played a lot of clan wars, but then life moved on. Got reminded a couple of years ago by a friend who still played regularly, and whoopiedo, I slipped right into the smack again. For me Jay3 with the high speed shooting and adren makes all the difference, moving ET up a notch in pace, getting closer to the Unreal Tournament madness I so dearly loved.
  13. I'm a part-time composer and producer, you can check out my work here:
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