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  1. Yes it's a mod, I'm sorry, should've posted in other topic
  2. Hey all, open to all maps (know most of them), I was wondering if it was possible to integrate certain mods according to the maps? I used to play RTCW so I thought of Goldrush Instagib mod which was really fun.... IIRC there was jetpack option too, this is what I found: http://www.wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/viewdownload/27-et-mods/2199-x-labs-mod-goldrush If this mod is possible on one of many F|A servers, which one would be the most suitable? Cheers
  3. Hi (again), as you can see in demo, I said absolutely nothing yet Cid starts provoking at the end of map for no reason. I've told him many times to just stop talking to me, in vain, he just won't listen. Idk what to do... !warn seems useless, his 2 X 1day !mute didn't work either. So, can't do much except post demos here... I usually record when he's online, because you can expect this BS https://www.upload.ee/files/10718919/RANDOOM001.dm_84.html PS: the "Drag files here to attach" isn't great, only 2 Mo files allowed? Had to upload demo another way Cheers
  4. Hey Buckwild and thx for the video, seems all others are broken, still we don't know how many times you have to press each photo on that board. Seems everyone wants to keep it secret too... I'll release the only one I know: Daybreak: Press on the 3 photos top left, once the center one twice the bottom left, and three times the upper left.
  5. Thanks all for your time, now I have the !calladmin command. And yes, I'm thinking of posting an application soon. See you around.
  6. OK thanks, but I don't have that command (!calladmin), I'm level 1 (or 2 idk)
  7. 'Part 2' ?: Same shit again... As you can see in demo, Cid insulting and teams became 5 vs 2 so I asked people to balance but no... https://www.upload.ee/files/10623355/CID0001.dm_84.html
  8. lem0n91

    Lag issues

    Snuffs Thank you so much, since I disabled this feature, no lag at all.
  9. Thx for your answers guys. Seems some people want to play allies 24/7 not only on Beginners 2, same problem on NQ1 server.
  10. Hi, can you check these demos please... I know I'm not the perfect player but this is more or less what goes on every day when no admins are online: -Player '-?-' stacking allies: teams were 2 axis, 3 allies, he joins axis then straight away switches to allies. I told him I'd post this demo if he didn't go back to axis. No response, funny thing he seems to only see what admins write... -Cid provoking, insults, etc... I didn't even say anything for once , so I usually don't react anymore or I do /ignore . I saw he got muted the other day, obviously for the same reasons. I don't like snitching but after a while it gets kinda annoying. Thx for your time. STACKERS01.dm_84 STACKERS02.dm_84
  11. lem0n91

    Lag issues

    Thanks all for the tips Will try them...

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