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  1. Krados


    i wpild like to know why im ceing booted from recruting server and why when i asked i was lied to they said it was windows 7 . rite . i would like to know . also is it possable to get shotguns on hardcore. thank you
  2. Krados

    real et

    i dont know whos in charge but can you think about adding shot guns to hard core server so i can get away from youre recruting erver that is not for everyone only people that donate the rest are treated like shit and ive been fa way to long to let people treat me like that . its to bad you all let this get like it is in the early 90s when i started playing this game didnt have to worry about whos on what team , every rank had a set setting not whos in charge picks what players can do . so if you can get shot gun on hard core that would be great . thank you battle on
  3. Krados

    new comers

    if youre new and dont think youre being treated rite you have to speek up me , im tired of it a couple of admin dont care for me or somthing so they have muted me banned me for 72 hours calling me a cheat when they know good and well i dont cheat now they got me set up first 3 min of map 28 shots 48 hits and 0 kills when they cant beat you square up THEY cheat with there admin abilitys and all im looking for is a straight game im here to die trying to kill fools but they wont alow it how they walk in own flam without dieing there guns dont reacoil any of them i have to stand on two of my own gernades to kill myself that tells you somthing rite there i probly wont get to talk anymore after this because they dont want to here this stuff but they promote cheating banned i just cant figure out is cheating they dont likei dont know but all i can say is i love et and fa been here a while and the way its heading i dont think is very good but it takes way more than me to do anything about it so speak up i know theres alote more than just me being treated like this . thanks for listing Slaughterd
  4. Krados


    daredevil this is slaughterd e mail me when you get a min . i have a couple of questions i hope you can answer . thank you , whats up F/A im here to die and kill if you will let me .
  5. Krados


    ive been muted for last 2 months and i have no idea why , now im banned for cheating , i kill 5 players a map and die 40 times a map , i aveg. 20 hits a kill and 2 to 5 hits to kill me and im cheating ? you need to youre game power to people know how to use it unlike danger , pope the dr and more

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