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  1. Lettuce

    ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    lol Im wondering how Minas Tirith would actually look in a massive server since I never played the map, Hardcore is mostly fast paced maps so no wonder some maps are overly popular above others
  2. welcome aboard, hope you have a great stay at the forums!
  3. Happy Birthday Xernicus, wish you lots of healthyness and freshness
  4. Im wondering wich maps do everyone like to play the most, my preferred ones are: 1-Adlernest 2-Braundorf 3-Frostbite 4-Beerrun 5-Oasis The maps can be from any F|A server!
  5. Happy birthday, wish you tons of XP and K/R lol
  6. i normally tend to draw when i have spare time and cant use my laptop, writing is a good example too, or maybe getting something to listen to music
  7. Happy happy birthday Hawaii!
  8. FIFA world cup Russia 2018 Wich teams you think will get to the round of 16? leave your predictions below
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