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  1. Awesome, just played industry 2 on there and it was awesome
  2. I am suggesting a few maps as well. I made my suggestions in the wrong area, apologies for that. I am now making it here in the proper format. Remove: ET ICE Add: Industry2 Final Remove: ET UFO Add: Intelligence Center Beta 2 Remove: Transmitter Final Add: Fuel Dump (not summer please) Thank you for the consideration
  3. Hello, I was just playing and was kicked and banned for some reason. Was it by mistake or is there a reason? It was on the silent server. Thanks.
  4. scrims are fun, i'd be up for it
  5. nice to see you on the server
  6. wow unfortunate this happened yesterday, i actually had some issues due to the crash and had to re-install my ET well all's well that ends well, and having the server backup certainly is a good thing.
  7. i'd be interest, late night Jay1
  8. Lol I saw this....what a bunch of medieval pansies!! They are women, it is ok for women to be in world, they are better than men! for gods sake, f***ing backwards thinking people like that are deterrents to humanity, and are a f***ing shame!
  9. see you all at Wembley oh and we have the liga tied up! visca barca
  10. no more mines, jay 1 is a beautiful server setup the way it is
  11. feliz cumplea~os....greetings from South America. Hopefully it is warm and enjoyable where you are
  12. glad to see you made your way to the forums, enjoy your time on the servers. even with limited time, you can always find great entertainment in the game! just don't get too discouraged with all the deaths
  13. Osama got what was coming for him. I'm glad that we currently have a president with balls, and a president willing to make decisive decisions when faced with a National Security issue. I am not American, but since I live in this country, and have for some 11 years now. I can say that I am proud we have people like Obama in America. There is too much blind stupidity and ignorance in America, and it is a damn shame that a country of this size and magnitude has to question the actions of its president when clearly he has taken every precaution possible to make sure that we do not leave Osama to become a martyr and a ideology that further fuels Islamist extremism. I have no beef with the Muslims, but I do want the crazy motherf***er extremists who kill people of all religions, including their own hunted down like the f***ING SAVAGE ANIMALS THEY ARE. and yes, IT IS KNOWN FACT THAT SAUDI ARABIA WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH OSAMA. HE HAD TO LEAVE OUT TO SUDAN AND VARIOUS OTHER COUNTRIES WHEN HE WAS EXILED FROM SAUDI ARABIA. I'm glad you got your facts straight Joe.
  14. So you read the title! Spill the beans!! (and don't forget to add why you still like playing the old bugger).
  15. That fountain is really cool, I hope to see it in person one day. I hear it's a lot more spectacular than the one at the Bellagio.
  16. I would like to join in one of these...is there an upcoming ET night?
  17. I use an Antec 300 - pretty solid, and easy access to HDD's. Wiring can get a little messy, but I don't mind using a few zip ties here and there
  18. My first nick was pretty retarded it was Hitman D, "Hitman" because it was all i could think related to a shooter game and "D" because it's the first letter in my name. I used that for about 2 weeks, until i started using ecstasy. I don't do drugs, but i have always like the word ecstasy. Also, I really like the way it looks when done as such .EcsTasY. --> I've used this nick for some 4 years now and will never change it. other random ones i have used are: -BoBeXXXoRRR! (inside joke with a friend of mine); -Puta? o_O
  19. Lol this is funny. Recently in Time Magazine there was a page where they made a little wordplay similar to this. something on the order that "people surf the internet, but enjoy swimming (through a magazine)". Some BS, but it was catchy
  20. I have the 3GS and will be holding out for the 5. I am in no hurry to get a new phone because already the 3Gs is more than enough for my needs. I am excited for the 5 because hopefully it will have more RAM and a better camera. Anyone think it will be dual core? or perhaps a 1 ghz processor
  21. -Crysis 1 is a fun game to play, the open world experience will keep you hooked for hours, days, possibly forever like it has me. It doesn't hurt the game looks absolutely beautiful, (especially if you go on crymod.com and find the good mods for the game that improve textures, shaders and what not). -Also i would recommend Age of Empires: Age of Kings (one of my favorite games) -Sim City 4 is another one I love to play. -Replay through Doom 3 if you have it, kinda fun if you wanna rampage in god mode with a BFG-9000 -I saw someone recommend Metro 2033, I actually want to try this game, but i'm just waiting until it's $20 on Steam. And probably till i get a Kepler card whenever they come out. I like playing with all the eye candies turned on and my GTX 460 just won't cut it. Hopefully you like some of these recommendations. Perhaps other people will make more compelling ones
  22. Also nobody wants to take the risk with putting something completely different into the market. Take a look at Apple's iPad, I don't care how much fanboy comments people throw around, but apple put something out there that no one else was doing at the time. Fast forward to today and no one can compete with the iPad, because they are trying to make an iPad instead of an original product. A lot of R&D money went into making the iPad and if it had flopped then apple would be a big bunch of crying losers today in the media world. But with great risk can come great reward, and no matter what people say about their company, they are laughing all the way to the bank and calling all the other companies a bunch of sorry motherf****rs. Motorola Xoom is no competition, Samsung's products are no competition, and I am almost certain that whatever Blackberry throws out will not trouble Apple whatsoever. Point being, is that like it was said above less expense = profit (other companies reverse engineer iPad) sell it and they break even fast, but never really gain a foothold in the market. Apple ---> big expense in R&D (they have been lucky to get it right) and then sell their products for exorbitant prices that we get suckered into paying because of good advertisement. I myself have an iPhone and couldn't be happier. i plan to keept if for 2 years and then upgrade, that way i get a good return for my money (through productivity gains with all the business apps i use on it).
  23. You know I have this feeling too, no matter what FPS game i'm playing i'm always comparing it to ET. Don't get me wrong there's always things to enjoy in other FPS games, but ET is just in a class of its own. I do enjoy playing Crysis and watching it kill my graphics card with the modded shaders i run xD but the multiplayer is not nearly as fun.
  24. Thanks for sharing guys, I always find it interesting how people pick up a game and realize they don't want to let it go. Keep it coming!
  25. hey, nice to see you on the forums (make sure to stick around) xD

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