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  1. Hey guys, thanks for more nice welcoming comments. You really all are a great bunch of people. @ Daredevil I would like to help you guys at mapping, but its been so long since i done any of that and i'm really busy with my own project. I have to do all the CG stuff as well as the coding and the animations and rigging etc. Sorry but please don't stop making maps and modifying them for ET. They are much appreciated. You and Smileyyy +1000 respect from me Cheers Adam
  2. haha, I'll consider it Chuckun, Go easy on me until then. Good to see you again too
  3. Wow more greetings. Thanks and a It's a pleasure to play the greatest first person shooter ever known to mankind with you guys and girls. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon Adam
  4. Thanks all for the warm welcome; Appreciated. I hope to have some more fun games and getting to know you all better in the near future. Cheers Adam
  5. Hello everybody, My names Adam I'm an 43 year old fossil from England, I've been playing on your servers recently and it's been great fun. Just dropping in to say hello to everybody, I'll keep things brief, my interests hobbies go back to music production and DJ mixing. I''ve now transitioned in the past 10+ years into video game development, which i got into because of this wonderful game ET. (mapping, using radiant editor). These days i'm evolving into Virtual Reality simulations and having a blast experimenting and learning these dark arts. Here's a rather crappy encoded video of what i'm doing at the moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peTUERkZ89A and with that, i'd just like to say thank you for allowing me to play on your servers and look forward to shooting and healing you all soon. OriginUknown : Adam

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