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  1. Happy Birthday Viper555!

  2. Happy Birthday Viper555!

  3. Happy Birthday Viper555!

  4. Congratz on getting into FA have fun.

  5. happy birthday man. have a good day.!

  6. I agree with you NoGood

  7. I'm pretty sure Zippy is a gay stalker

  8. Hello hehe

    got u on forums

  9. No none of that worked for me i still get an error when tryin to connect to the server
  10. Im having trouble connecting to any fa et server. I have downloaded the 2.6b version from the fa website. i also have reinstalled and tried it on 2.55. Every time i connect it says its trying to download the et main.pk3. Everytime it trys it sends me to the fa website but the website does not work. It looks like an old url address for fa. Im not sure where to download this file from the website so i can fix this problem.
  11. Viper555


    Its the FA hardcore server and i haven't changed my Guid.
  12. Viper555


    Yeah i lost my admin and someone told me that you guys did something with the levels and everyone got reset to zero. I was wondering how to get it back.