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  1. Baserace on recruiting would be fun with that amount of ppl
  2. Hi guys, i've got a lot of question in the servers from players , about chrismas theme's .. like hats etc. Is this on the planning or not? Also some more christmas maps would be great, you see everyone is getting excited when a map comes on . Greetings Tosti
  3. @AnG3L idk man, thats why i asked to clear it up, its a secret room in the map that gives you this fun, as axis or allies side you can both use it.. If its legal i will not do it :P but on jay1 never heard any1 about it :D let others reply
  4. is the secret room legal, cant find anything about it ? got my attention because ang3l says its not allowed
  5. Lil bit to late but happy birthday
  6. Don't go on vacation and stay strong and keep gaming!
  7. Don't know if right topic, radar summer antenna near axis spawn is so close, it's almost impossible to destroy 1 reason is because the sport spawn time at beginners, if planted defuse is nearby
  8. Objective near axis spawn is to nearby, with these short spawn imes
  9. Beginners #1 servers had two times cathedral in routine? Old and new
  10. Welcome and have fun
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