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  1. Gratz Belgium
  2. Belgium better be good so @Afro. Won't get disappointed
  3. @Afro. You can put Tosti ftw as tattoo?
  4. Hi welcome lol u bought the joining date?
  5. @Cquattro where is ur channel mate
  6. Heya welcome to the forum and have fun on the servers
  7. Haha was joking with ye, I'm only struggling with sensitivity, and find the right config. If I play more my gf will leave me lol
  8. @Sparrow sometimes me, when I finally have the chance to knife or shoot 1 bullet to you.. But it always ends up that you beat me up.. And if u don't beat me its @Afro. Who comes around the corner with those knives Got any tips for me? Or I need soon vacation again
  9. @DFighter ur really stabbing a knife in my heart D it hurts okay
  10. Tosti


    That banana is 18 + Vindstot....
  11. Hey where is Holland!!
  12. Definitely not, I don't even have the time to leave the spawn

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