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  1. Have a good time, lad!
  2. Good job by Senegal to keep Poland in check. Unexpected.
  3. Shame Mertens still dives.
  4. Flakturm on Stronghold is fine. On Entrenchment it's horrible and boring.
  5. Well that game was dissapointing. Belgium - Panama should be a walkover.
  6. Sweden without Zlatan seems to be operating more as a team and I think they're favorites to win against SK. SK only stand chance if Sweden isn't succesfull in attack. Son is their only top player atm. 2-1 Sweden is my prediction
  7. Hello there. Welcome to the dark side.
  8. Royal with Cheese! Cause of the metric system. I thought it was a joke but I was in Paris last summer and it was actually true.
  9. I R sad for Australia. Glad the Netherlands is putting up their best this WC.
  10. TIMMAY can’t answer your call right now. Can I take your message?

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