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  1. The video made is actually pretty cool to
  2. Horray! My hopes for Holodecks and Beaming may still come true!!!!
  3. Lol ya I know its's just I am hoping that it will become a thing we can use like a microwave er somethin making life even easier than it already is But sigh I suppose I will have to wait for a different reality where the laws of physics have different principles
  4. Incredibly unbroken sentence moving form topic to topic no one had a chance to interrupt it was quite hypnotic
  5. Hello there!
  6. Hey there Shuri! See ya all the time on Jay 1 Wass up!
  7. Cito

    Cito Art

  8. Cito

    Cobra Kai / karate kid

    Ya I watched the whole thing already to. I am so happy they didn't get all disney with it. I feel they found some good writers and are trying to do the movie justice after... well you know.
  9. Welcome Back ! I am another returning Old fart so I salute you!

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