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  1. I don't why i stopped playing about ten years ago. Maybe I had something other interesting things to do... fortunately I found this game again! As Chuckun said, this isn't 100% realistic which I like
  2. Hello! Nice to see you in forums!
  3. It depends on which map. But overall I like both
  4. I dont remember exactly how long but probably something like 40 hours few years ago when i was with my friends in finnish lapland. Midnight sun is beatiful btw!
  5. Seen this gem several times but still impressive!
  6. Goldrush, caen, siwa oasis and seawall battery are my favourites
  7. Construction materials works for me also
  8. SEpI

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    Soccer: FC Bayern München Icehockey: Oulun Kärpät and Nashville Predators Basketball: Chicago Bulls Finnish baseball (Pesäpallo): Sotkamon jymy
  9. Hello and welcome to forums!
  10. Same story here! Welcome back!