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  1. C0C4N4T10N

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Problem with connect beg2

    try sending a pm to DD. Prolly is a ip ban issue. Also you dont need enable pb to connect to our servers
  2. Hmm try /unbidall and then bind all again. I think /bindlist also allows you see where can be your trouble
  3. i'm not so sure about what the bot is trying to do!
  4. i used /screenshot without trouble in 2.77.1
  5. C0C4N4T10N

    Jay1 kicks me

    Silent mod is more relaxed in names (the characters that you are using), but others mods aren't. Delete thoses characters from your name and all should go normal :). Probably some color character code can't be used in jaymod
  6. C0C4N4T10N

    ET not work

    this also can be a good solution
  7. C0C4N4T10N

    ET not work

    I can do teamView if you want, send me pm here or in discord COCANATION#6234
  8. Hello, welcome to forums
  9. Saw you the other day, welcome, im also regular sometimes in OF, great server
  10. Yes, i saw you a few times, welcome!
  11. C0C4N4T10N

    ET not work

    Something still weird, cause that file its your old etkey, have you tryed this?
  12. C0C4N4T10N

    ET not work

    it's cause now you are using other "etkey" or "Guid" running it as admin, tbh idk where it can be your old etkey, if you can find it, just copy and paste this file to your etmain folder and you should have your xp again. Do backups and tests to see wich one it is,
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