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  1. kemon

    Oasis remake

    Can't edit my prrvious post, but I think I misunderstood you. You were talking about the door in the underground tunnel system in oasis SW, right? I've had a quick chat with @Smileyyy on Discord yesterday. The approach of implementing new routes was preferred in comparison to shortening the existing routes. Partly because the perceived changes are too drastic and partly because the workload would be too broad otherwise. After all, this approach would require a new command map, an overhauled structural mesh and for example completely new fireteam locations to be set. However, I have found an old model for the tunnel system I made years ago when I had plans for a new oasis version. Since the model is of no use for anyone, if it's just collecting dust in my mapping directory, I have sent it to Smiley. This tunnel model includes a connection between the two separate sections. However, to properly (and realistically) implement this into the map, we talked about a few things that could be tested. I'm looking forward to the results Smiley comes up with. It definitely sounds like he is very motivated and has great plans. I haven't actively played competitively in months, but if you still need another person for testing, I guess I could try to give feedback around level design and leave gameplay feedback to the active playerbase.
  2. kemon

    Oasis remake

    Why would it kill the covert ops? There are still both team-doors. The upper and the lower one. The upper one actually is blocking regular walljumpers from just proceeding. In the original the upper teamdoor was just blocking the guardhouse, but people jumping over the wall were not blocked by it.
  3. kemon

    Oasis remake

    Also tried to show the changes in the command map. The whole red box would be removed. This will result in significant shorter distances for the attacking team. With unchanged spawntimes, this means that the attacking team receives a constant wave of new soldiers, because the time spent running to the battlefield is reduced in favour of time fighting on the battlefield. Not changing the actual position of any spawns means that all original routes remain viable choices. Moving the attacker spawn forward, means that the player either has to run backwards to the tunnel or the spawnwave is split into two groups. Basically, you have to decide which attacking route you want to choose *before* you spawn. If you want to change your route after a very short respawn time where you haven't had the chance to change the spawnpoint, you will have to run the distance again. That is why I'm not a fan of moving spawns around too much. Plus, each additional spawn means additional entities, which is not improving performance. If you look at proper competitive maps, then most of them have not more than 3 attack routes, because it makes it too hard to defend otherwise. It's not fun if you can't calculate the probability of when and where attackers pop up. Good defenders know when to start ticking the nade so it lands perfectly on the approaching enemy team. With too many routes (aka turning the map into swiss cheese) there is no way of saying where people will come from. In the command map you see marked in blue the original attack points. You notice that they are on one level. Once the attacker pushed past the blue line they are "in". I'm not a fan of routes that just put you into the back of the defender, when there originally clearly was an intended line of defense. It undermines all level design decisions.
  4. kemon

    Oasis remake

    I already had some thoughts about Oasis, since for Legacy at some point we are going to overhaul all maps like we did with Frostbite, Bergen and Radar. The latter two haven't been released yet. I'm happy to share my thoughts on a few layout changes, since that already provides some gameplay feedback for me if you choose to implement it In my opinion the biggest downside of Oasis is the long distance between the Old City and the objectives, so I thought about way to shorten that. I'm not a big fan of the CP in the small corridor between Old City and Garrison that some map scripts have added, since that puts the spawn into a very narrow place and also shuts down the tunnel and lower corridor route, which gives the defending team too much power in shutting down the spawn exit. My thoughts then were to move the entire last stage of the map closer to the Old City. I have attached 2 layout overviews and 3 shots in this imgur album, where I quickly moved the respective sections around, so it's more understandable what I propose. The existing upper teamdoor in the guardhouse can be removed to allow both teams to access that balcony. Allies already can with trickjumps anyway. The teamdoor is now moved to the upper corridor. The oasis wall is replaced with the wooden gate from the lower corridor. Having the doors this way completely prevents walljumping over the still standing oasis wall. There needs to be a staircase somewhere allowing access to the upper balcony though. It should be placed so that respawning Allies can easily choose to use the upper corridor when leaving the Old City, so I would suggest placing it on the left of the existing guardhouse. Inbetween guardhouse and old city wall. Since the whole last section is moved closer, the tunnel is also shortened. Overall the distance is not shortened too much, but I think it still makes a significant gameplay improvement, since the Allies are faster at the battlefield without making the whole map a swiss cheese, like Goldrush GA, etc. There is no need for more than 3 attack routes, just for shorter attack routes. Let me know what you think. Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/whWq3Jd
  5. In case you missed it, Titeuf from 85-Productions created an anniversary trailer and also promoting the upcoming 2.76 Legacy release: Did you think the anniversary event was over with the fantastic trailer yesterday? I know I definitely did, but @TITEUF-85 keeps on giving: "We have more candies for you today – a real-time comparison video footage, showing the evolution of the game's textures in the next version of this wonderful mod, in the Goldrush map, right below!More comparison videos will come in due time, dedicated to the rest of the maps, so please stay-tuned!" - 85-Productions (Twitter)
  6. Happy birthday, WolfET. Titeuf from 85-Productions created an anniversary trailer to also celebrate the upcoming Legacy 2.76 release.
  7. Completely agree, ETNam is amazing. Full immersion in all aspects and so many great features. If you really have a developer of this mod in your clan, I would be very happy if you could help me set up a contact. I have contacted so many people that were listed as developers, but everything seems to be inactive. The reason I'm asking is, that in my eyes it would be amazing if we could guarantee full compatibility between Legacy and ETNam. So if youknow of any developers who are still around and reachable, please let me know. I'd be very grateful.
  8. Oh, not at all. No hard feelings. I'm here for that very reason to understand the issues players have with ETL. If everything was already perfect with ETL, we wouldn't need active development^^ The slow-motion feeling is very weird though, but seeing that bo0m also reported that, there apparently is cause for that. I'll talk to the others, let me get back to you on that. @bo0m generally configs are compatible, however, there are several cvars that have been adapted for various reasons and others have been introduced. Please have a look at this wiki entry for a full list of the changes. That should help setting up the config properly. If you encounter any cvars that aren't working as they should or any other unintended behaviour, please let me know here. As previously said, there have been updates to the way the sound works in ET. From over here I can't judge whether that fixes the issue you are having, I would need a bit more info about when that usually happens, if there is a pattern, etc. If you should still have issues with the sounds under 2.76, then please definitely let us know! Timothy is part of the dev team and we are going to ship his WolfAdmin suite by default with the next release to give admins a broader range of options. If you guys have any requests or wishes for WolfAdmin or specific tools you are missing as server admins, please also let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  9. Could you maybe elaborate on what you mean by 'slow-motion'? We haven't changed anything in regards to the game's pacing/speed, duration of recharge or stamina bar, gravity, tank, bullet speed, etc. Are you saying that by having the game run smoothly, it becomes too easy, because people don't have to counter potential lagging? That gave me a chuckle, because I understand that this was certainly an aspect under older gameversions
  10. I completely agree with you. Preventing the tilde [~] character is not a permanent fix. However, for now it is a long overdue signal to server owners. This madness has to stop. In the long run, the only way to completely prevent malicious tampering with the client's main menu is, to somehow link those menu files to the client profile. This way, the player could also create his very own custom main menu. In my eyes, this makes most sense, however, this is something that is part of the complete UI code rework. Once we have a clean UI system in place, we should really create an intuitive way for the client to customize it. Only then, the client is finally save. Since quite a few updates, the client is also pinging the ET:Legacy server master list, in case the one by id software fails. Starting with 2.75 this master list server is also active. Or did you mean something else with master list?
  11. This is indeed related to the tilde [~] character. In the ET environment it places last in the alphabet, which means that pk3 starting with it get loaded last. This has sparked an outright war between servers, about who can add more of these characters in their filenames. This by itself is already madness, but the main purpose of these pk3 is in most cases to alter the game for clients. Having the pk3 from server A load last means that the client/player loads whatever A put in their menu file. This can range from an additional menu button to connect to server A, to a complete removal of any functionality other than connecting to server A. The latter case being borderline mal-ware, since a player who is not familiar with the console has no chance whatsoever. Since it would be too much work to check for altered menu files or othe content, we simply prevented pk3 with the tilde in the filename from being loaded. The only purpose of this is to protect the client from potentially malicious content. I hope you understand.
  12. Seeing how the class system of ET is perfect for a basic MOBA style gameplay, I wanted to compile a concept for a while now. The concept would theoretically function as a regular map only needing an additional LUA script. The ideas are still very rough, so if you have any thought, please post them below. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to really work on this right now. But if the community really is interested in it, maybe some time could be opened up. If you should not be familiar with the idea of a MOBA, but are interested, have a look here. Let me know what you think.
  13. #1 the most annoying for me yet so small: Pressing t to talk start typing a message, then you press esc to cancel the message for whatever reason. It will only deselect the chat window, so you have to press esc twice to completely close the chat window. It drives me insane sometimes, for some reason I do this a lot. I will put that on my list for UI changes. UI changes are a bit of an issue right now, since the code is a burning mess and the best thing would be a complete rework of the UI code. Unfortuantely, this is not really a priority right now, but that doesn't mean that we can't change it. #2 I run into a lot of sound distortion/issues I can't really explain what it is but the bass sounds flat but loud. I have no idea what I am talking about all I know is sometimes it doesn't sound right, especially when there are a lot of stuff going on. It's a bit hard to point to the problem from over here, but there have been a few sound related changes for 2.76. Please report back, if the sound issues should still be present in the upcoming release. Changelog: https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/wiki/Changelog#276-The-enemy-is-weakened-work-in-progress #3 The new render is not playable for me, fps is like 0. Completely agree. Renderer2 is not in a playable state in the 2.75 release. However, in the changelog for 2.76 we introduced a new category "renderer" which keeps track of the renderer specific changes. There have been substantial improvements in that area for the new version and there is progress nearly on a daily basis. You can join our Discord server to keep track of updates in the #github channel or follow the activity on our homepage. #4 Last one is a + and -. I have been crashing on 2.60b(see my post in support for more info) so I decided to try legacy instead and I don't crash anymore! But the sounds issues are amplified by like 10. Like I said, there have been a few changes related to sound, so please report back if the issues should persist in 2.76. And when loading a map the brightness gets really bright. This has been reported already. Please refer to ticket #1069 for updates. However, please note, that this issue has been moved to the 2.77 release, because we need to focus on crucial issues right now to push the new release. We are already way behind on schedule. ========== Could you please send me the specs of your system, so we do have a chance of trying to reproduce or narrow down the cause of this issue? Thanks. ========== This is a bit awkward now, because I do have to admit that we are dropping support for both Win XP and Vista in the upcoming 2.76 release. The main reason for it being that Microsoft themselves stopped supporting those OSes, which make s them a potential security issue. You should really think about updating. I'm very happy with Win 7. ========== Regarding configs and cvars, please refer to this wiki entry. All changes in that area have been noted down there. If your config includes cvars marked with the "?", then please have a closer look at them. While browsing the list, feel free to add the Legacy specific cvars if you see a benefit there ========== Again, thank you very much for all your feedback. Please keep it coming. I will make sure to browse your forums and especially this thread.
  14. Oh wow, so many replies within a few hours. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. @bigbro no, I have never used the name "km demon", sorry. I had two other aliases before the current one, but I've been using kemon since quite a few years now.
  15. This is going to be the same post as the one in the sticky thread. The reason being, that I need two posts to properly set up my profile page. Hi there, I finally got around to registering at the largest ET community there is. My name is Cedric and I'm a mapper (Dingenskirchen, ETL Frostbite, to-be-extended), I create textures and am part of the ET: Legacy team. Admittedly, I'm not a regular at your servers, since the whole time I can dedicate to ET is draining into working on maps, textures or Legacy. The main reason why I registered today, is to stay in contact with the actual players of the game and what they would like to see (or not to see) in Legacy. So if you have anything on your mind, just hit me up or join our Discord. I'm looking forward to be a part of your community. See you around

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