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  1. Hi Jonny. Nice Zündap you got there. Are you sure that normal Amal monoblock floatbowl won't fit in your carb? Those should be available on ebay on quite decent prices. Maybe it could be possible to soft weld the bowl if it is only cracked. As for magneto, is it Bosch or Siemens unit? Parts should be available for those also, but if you would like to go the easy and reliable way, then I would recommend Powerdynamo unit with solid state rectifier and regulator. -Merlin
  2. Old H-D from late 30's, either Knuckle or big flathead. Price development of those bikes will most probably keep them only in my dreams for now. Maybe some day when I manage to get rid of my mortgage. Oh well..... dreams will be dreams -Merlin
  3. Big thanks to everyone who are involved bringing in the new maps to B2. Well done. Now we just have to wait little bit for people to start vote em Cheers! -Merlin
  4. +1 for Rendels list. I don't remember if warmissile is still in rotation or was it removed, but it lags hard and it is quite impossible for allies. I would like to see some old RTCW MP maps, Tram Siege perhaps. It was mentioned earlier in this topic. Maybe Rendel or someone could populate some sort of summary of map suggestions after we get more replies. BR -Merlin
  5. Congrats mate! You managed to pull it through before the rainy season:D Weatherwise you couldn't have asked any better summer that this to do that kind of renovations. -Merlin
  6. Change plan for roof shape and structural changes is required afaik. Also if you buy the wooden framework premade then the manufacturer will supply all the calculations and stress test documents. You can do the installations by yourself, but if one would decide to do the roof framework on site, then it normally means that much sturdier beams must be used to ensure proper structural rigidity also some calculations must be made for inspector. It's been awhile since the last time I did constructions like this, so I'm not quite sure the newest regulations which might be valid at the moment. We tend to get quite heavy snow loads on our roofs in the winter time, at least in the northern Finland, hence the reason for quite detailed rules fro roof structures. -Merlin
  7. That model seems to be equipped with catapult seat for emergencies. It probably launches itself independently... whenever...
  8. Moonshine is the key figure in getting you very badly mixed up. I have lot of bad memories about that stuff and still I won´t learn to refuse..... That Indonesian rocket fuel also does the trick when consumed in large quantities
  9. Sounds excellent. New maps are always good change for the rotation. Also it shows up quite quickly which ones are the good ones that people will continue to vote. Afaik we tend to play quite a lot same favorite maps like goldrush, Italy, capuzzo etc. I have seen Kerkyra and Haemar getting played occationally. War missile on the other hand doesn't get played too much, I think it is too difficult for allies and also quite heavy map with some lag issues. That might be also issue with my current setup. Thank you DD for you effort to make the game and B2 server even more interesting for us. You are doing a good job, as well all the others who are involved in map development and keeping things up and running for us. Big cheers for all of you! Best regards -Merlin
  10. Merl1n

    Travel History

    Just a normal eng. Some of my trips were work related others just for fun. I like to travel whenever possibility comes to my way.
  11. Beginners #2 is where I get my ass kicked most of the times
  12. Merl1n

    Travel History

    Finland Sweden x 30 Norway x 5 Russia (layover) x 1 Iceland (layover) x 1 Germany x 8 France x 10 Spain x 5 Italy x 3 Estonia x 2 Switzerland x 3 Scotland x 5 UK x 7 Portugal (Azores) x 1 USA x 1 Honduras x 1 Turkey x 3 Thailand x 3 Philippines x 1 Indonesia x 4 Malaysia x 2 Qatar (layover) x 1 India x 1 China x 7 Greece x 1 Singapore x 2 Hong Kong x 4 Latvia x 1 I might have missed something... -Merlin
  13. Looks awesome. Well done. Looking forward to try it. -Merlin

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