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  1. Merl1n

    Travel History

    Just a normal eng. Some of my trips were work related others just for fun. I like to travel whenever possibility comes to my way.
  2. Beginners #2 is where I get my ass kicked most of the times
  3. Merl1n

    Travel History

    Finland Sweden x 30 Norway x 5 Russia (layover) x 1 Iceland (layover) x 1 Germany x 8 France x 10 Spain x 5 Italy x 3 Estonia x 2 Switzerland x 3 Scotland x 5 UK x 7 Portugal (Azores) x 1 USA x 1 Honduras x 1 Turkey x 3 Thailand x 3 Philippines x 1 Indonesia x 4 Malaysia x 2 Qatar (layover) x 1 India x 1 China x 7 Greece x 1 Singapore x 2 Hong Kong x 4 Latvia x 1 I might have missed something... -Merlin
  4. Merl1n


    Looks awesome. Well done. Looking forward to try it. -Merlin
  5. Myöhäiset onnittelut!
  6. Thx Rendel and Daredevil. Those are the maps. I didn't upload or paste links in the first time since I was just wondering if anyone else would be interested about those maps. You guys get things crackin so fast I didn't react fast enough:D How do have time for doing all this? Such a good and active community. Best regards -Merlin
  7. Thanks for new maps. I have tried the new ones few times now, and all seems ok. Takes some time to get used to these maps, maybe people will start to vote them more after a while. Btw Is anyone else interested to try couple of old RTCW maps? Assault and Tram siege comes to mind. It is sure a long time since I've played either of those, but I have some sort of recollection that at least Tram was fun map to play.
  8. Good luck with your studies! All the exercises with vocabulary, grammar, etc. are good for your English, but in my personal experience I would say the most important thing is to have the courage to use it... a lot! It will make you more confident using your non-native language in conversations, and also remember not to be bothered if you happen to make mistakes with grammar. People will get your point even though you might make some mistakes every once in the while. I make mistakes all the time and still I get understood quite often:D Best way to learn is when you are forced to learn... reminds me my time at university in USA many years ago, I was forced to learn quite fast:D When you master with your English, you might wan't to try Finnish to ramp up the challence:D I know Rendel and Kermit are already quite fluent with it:D Right?
  9. Is that Tram siege same map that used to be in RTCW MP version or is it totally different map? It is such a long time since last time I played RTCW, but I kind of recall that Tram was quite nice map to play.
  10. Merl1n


    Another beer enthusiast signs in right here.
  11. Hi All I though that I might introduce myself as well now than later. I'll leave my name out from here for now for few reasons, but I might share some more info later. Anyway many people used to used to use my alias to address me along the years, hope it will suffice for now. I play most of the times at Beginners #2. I used to play ET quite a lot when I was in polytechnic many years ago. After more that 10 years break I discovered ET again and started to play again every once in the while, it sure takes time to learn the ropes again, but slowly it´s getting better. I´m soon turning 40 so occasionally I have to face the question, "Why do you use so much of your time for playing computer game?" Like it would be something age related, huh? For my living I sacrifice my time by working as an Engr. specialized in industrial elec.+Automation. That is one reason why I'm seen on the servers usually along weekends, since my work is all around on different sites and I don´t see my company laptop to serve me so good for playing purposes, well if they would grant me with admin passwords for it.... Nowadays I work mostly in Finland, but I used to work quite a lot abroad few years ago. What else... well maybe later... It´s been pleasure to find this community and play with so many good guys around the globe. I hope to see you at Beginners #2. Have a good one... -Merlin

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