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    Heavy Metal and Punk from around the globe. Playing Guitar and Bass. Old School Rap/Hip Hop late 80s and early 90s. Cooking. Collecting Vinyl records. Comics. Enemy Territory. Magic Arena. Team Fortress Classic. Motorhead! Wu-TANG!
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  1. Hi bells! 

    pizza GIF

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bells


      You’re the chef here, make it and deliver to me 🥺

    3. XeRoiXBSU
    4. Bells


      Make it for 10 am (CEST) please, so i can eat it when i Get up. Ty, have a nice day!😅

  2. Holy smokes, did anyone knew Xeroix is 72 years old? Crazy times we live in.

    1. XeRoiXBSU


      HA. 72, that was funny on server man gj.

    2. Hitch


      72 is young, wait until you hit that 1st century 😄 

  3. I've been playing guitar for years and I'm still trying to learn how to play Eruption!! I have a few parts down like the tapping but still! I bet millions of guitarists turned up to 11 and tried to play eruption again for the hundredth+ time once this news broke earlier this month. Hell, one of the last times I recorded in the studio they had an EVH 5150 speaker head to use and you bet your ass I used it on my songs. RIP EVH.
  4. How dare you...one doesn't simply eat Baby Yoda



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    2. XeRoiXBSU


      Had bday cake yesterday and he looked like this....  Chocolate raspbery cake,his liittle body insides was rice krispy treat,, outside sculpted  with fondant. nomnom. 





    3. Hitch


      Cute, didn't know it was your birthday. Happy belated birthday mate.


      !beer xero

    4. XeRoiXBSU


      haha, sisters bday but thx anyways!!

  5. AMC is killing it showing the Halloween movies! That's the channel I watched as well,
  6. XeRoiXBSU


  7. Thrash metal, punk, surf rock, blast beats here and there, a comic book like story ..... Ghoul-Hang Ten!
  8. Glen Danzig's first punk band The Misfits.
  9. Hey its the mushroom dude I see on silent 1 sup man !
  10. Thanks Ram that worked!! My hero! haha
  11. Tried both. still nothing. well, damn. lol
  12. Hey there. SO I'm trying to get NQ working and end up with this "local file exists but with wrong checksum" every time. Do I need to download anything? change anything? Help ! It says downloading but always comes back to the same message and I have to exit. Nothing happens and a download will not start either **edit
  13. Hello, how's it going man? I've seen you on the silent 1 server a lot, Welcome to forums!
  14. haha nice. You can see them play live in Ace Ventura Pet Detective too.
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