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  1. Just a bit! I ended up getting a copy of photoshop, now the damn thing wont work. says scratch disk is full. argghh.
  2. I'm starting a new project and was wondering if there is a simple way to make a lo res jpeg file into a high resolution file for printing posters to hang on walls (12 x 18 and higher). I don't have photoshop, although I'm sure I may need to get it. Any ideas? Or similar projects you have done? (not sure if I posted this in the right place :D )
  3. METALLICA MONDAY! YEAHH!! This time the fans got to vote on the bands setlist from 6 years ago filmed live 2014 March 20th in Lima, Peru!!! I hope to one day to see Metallica in another country (i'm in USA) This set list was a rager for sure! Check it out and bang you head thrashers!!!!!
  4. I don't get that either! It's like that catroon movie The Incredibles with guns. I'll stick to =F|A= ET!
  5. This one is not bad. All the Satanic demonic and witchcraft stuff are cool to see once you get past the high school drama. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  6. XeRoiXBSU

    FA Servers

    do what caredevil says, he knows all!
  7. XeRoiXBSU

    FA Servers

    might need to forward/open a port... theres a post around here somewhere....
  8. Hello from Arizona! Or in ET speak, V-5-4!
  9. It really did! I can't name any better war movies after Saving Private Ryan or mini series Band of Bros. Damn amazing job from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. I bought a 6 disc Blu-ray set on amazon awhile ago and it ended up being a German version but works perfectly fine in English haha. Arizona. Other great war movies imo include #1 Hamburger Hill, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Black Hawk Down.
  10. METALLICA MONDAY!!!! This time they went waay back to a show in 1983 live in Chicago KILL EM ALL! These dudes were only 19 and 20 years old and on the way to become one of the best Heavy Metal bands we all know and enjoy to this day. Crack open a beer and take a trip to the early 80s and but above all else.... play it f***in LOUD!! FF to 8:30 mins in Lars says a few words before the show.
  11. I downloaded steam and TF2 just to see what is up yesterday for the first time. I just don't understand TF2. I'm an old school TFC player so I was in shock from the gaming experience. Players are more concerned about dancing/boxing/taunt ability and customizing their weapons with xmas lights while wearing a cowboy hat or whatever, the gaming threw me off. I couldn't tell what these new players were all about. I was fragging left and right and looked down upon for "trying". Some people even got kicked/banned for playing the game. Like, What the heck TF2 people?? I'll give TF2 a few more tries but being a TFC player, I'm glad to have found =F|A= Enemy Territory. The best gaming place for an old grumpy player like myself.
  12. The mighty BOLT THROWER from the UK.
  13. Been a bit since I posted, anywho…. METALLICA MONDAY! Every Monday they have been showing a full concert from whenever! Todays footage was June 10th 2012 in Austria focusing on the Black Album. Hopefully this link works! Fast Forward 6:30 mins in to get it started with Lars saying a few words.
  14. About to start this mini series again for the.... I lost track how many times over the years lol. Band of Brothers

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