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    Im a lot into photography and web and image design.
    I've been an ultra gamer, and owned many many consoles, still got most of them and playing sometimes.
    Currently, i use to be a bit more busy than before, so gaming times are fading back in time. But i always try to find a moment to play.

    I like reading books so much. I'm also a bit into the comics world. Recently i have found some nice comic collections, nice franch-belgium comics, and i am making a great collection.

    I'm not much into sports right now. I used to practice mountain bike, skating, rolling, bodyboarding and surf some years ago. And snowboard, 2 times but having,surprisingly, great results (a pair of great falls included).

    Now, i just do some surf eventually. With a longboard now, because i dont have so flexibility as i used to. I still keep my old bodyboard and surf boards, waiting for the next generations...

    But i always find sports interesting. I have also practiced flowboarding and flyboarding.
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  1. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    I liked the previous template. But this new one looks great too! And i finally can log in on my iPhone... So, perfect! Greetz, AcK
  2. Ok, this seems more stupid as i think about it, but wtf, here i go, before it sounds too stupid in my head and i decide to let it go... How about putting freaky names to some of the bots on servers? For example: the 13 dwarfs from The Hobbit novels, or the 7 dwarfs from Snow white... Don't know... freaky names refering gaming or film culture. You know... Jay2, or NQ1, for example, have soundpacks with songs, other games references, etc... So i think it would be nice and a curious wink to name the bots like that. Wouldn't harm or offend anyone, and could be funny. Greetz, AcK
  3. ET Server Easter Game Day

    Woohoowah! I'll try to be there! Greetz, AcK
  4. Funny screenshots from our server!

    Someone pissed his pants... Greetz, AcK
  5. Funny screenshots from our server!

    Hi, naablets and nuublettes! Today at Jay1, i've found an easter egg with a funny surprise. It is located at the map called Castle CTF beta2, at the cuadrant H4, right above the flag spawn. You can see an estructure surrounding the entrance. If you get up there (jumping on a teammate's grenade, for example. In my case, Smiley helped me, and he managed to get up with a panzerfaust too, but i am sure there is a trickjumping way to get there), you can find a curious role game card of a known meme... Here you can see a few screenshots. I've also recorded two demos but they have been recorded on "dm84" format, and i dont friggin know how to convert them into "avi" files. Enjoy this crappy thingie, hrhr. Greetz, AcK
  6. What mouse you use in ET or COD?

    I use Logitech G9x mouse and Logitech G15 keyboard. They are super comfortable, and look very nice too. Many config options, sensibility, etc https://archive.benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=547&Itemid=65 Greetz, AcK
  7. ET Application My English

    Hehe, nice! Perfect for interactions ingame and forums. Both things also will improve your english. Good luck! Greetz, AcK
  8. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    Mmm, interesting... Maybe i join. I use to play daily. Thanks for answering, Smi! Greetz, AcK
  9. COC How to Join =F|A= CoC Clan

    Hi. Is it only for FA members? Greetz, AcK
  10. Eloïse

    Welcome to forums, Eloise! See you at server. Greetz, AcK
  11. Hi, thanks for the info, guys! Blind Guardian already told me ingame. I've checked it and it works. Those keys i use to crouch and use binoculars, i will have to change binoculars to some other key, to prevent using them together. And will have to remember that keys combo every time my keyboard goes messy again, ahhaha. Damn Jaymod thingies... [EDIT] The solution is to reassign the keys that change between keyboards (English, spanish, japanese, etc...) wich is setd as default in Windows. I've directly unassigned them. Thanks for the info, Shana! [/EDIT] Greetz, AcK
  12. Hola, everybody! I'm having some troubles when i want to write something on the main, team, or fireteam chat, and also in the console. The thing is that when i try to write specific characters, like symbols, exclamation or question symbols, etc... they seem to be messed up, and it becomes so difficult to write correctly. Either commands in console, or chatting with other players. After a few minutes gaming, it goes messy, and the only thing i can do is reboot ET if i want it to get working normally. For example, "?" and "_" are replaced by each other. When i press "?", it appears "_". And viceverse. Shana has been gently trying to help me to solve and check either in ET and in Windows, and we think that it is surely a problem related with ET language, and my Windows system language, but we didnt find any further clue or solution. I am spanish, so my systm language is set in spanish. In fact, i've set my system language to english, at the time i was writing this topic, and the same messy thing showed up here. Same keys are messed, as it happens in ET. When i set it back to spanish, all works normally in Windows. Does anyone have any advice or toughts about what's happening, and more important... how to solve this annyoing thing? Thanks in advance. Greetz, AcK
  13. toxicity's tantalizing debut

    Hey, Toxicity! Nice to see you arround! Nice to see old glories coming back to ET. Imho, it is one of the greatest games to play online. Greetz, AcK
  14. mr.HANKY

    Hey, Austin! Welcome to the forums. Nice player i like to have some laughs with. See you at the servers, hacky! Greetz, AcK
  15. Hello;Im t3am2000-Romash

    Hi, romash, the strange player... Hehehe, nice to see you over here. Greetz, AcK