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    Im a lot into photography and web and image design.
    I've been an ultra gamer, and owned many many consoles, still got most of them and playing sometimes.
    Currently, i use to be a bit more busy than before, so gaming times are fading back in time. But i always try to find a moment to play.

    I like reading books so much. I'm also a bit into the comics world. Recently i have found some nice comic collections, nice franch-belgium comics, and i am making a great collection.

    I'm not much into sports right now. I used to practice mountain bike, skating, rolling, bodyboarding and surf some years ago. And snowboard, 2 times but having,surprisingly, great results (a pair of great falls included).

    Now, i just do some surf eventually. With a longboard now, because i dont have so flexibility as i used to. I still keep my old bodyboard and surf boards, waiting for the next generations...

    But i always find sports interesting. I have also practiced flowboarding and flyboarding.
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  1. Nice! I'll try to be there! Thanks, AcK
  2. Hi! Cabinets: Ok, i would have add them, but nvm. I mean these ones. I think without the fences may appear that they are usable, while they're not:
  3. Holas! I've tested the map a bit, and (despite adoring the original one, and think it is perfect as it is) i think it could be funny to play. I've also enjoyed so (SO) much the other Goldrush version on which the bank can be flooded with water, and there are lot of traps and secret passages. I don't remember the name. I have a few issues with textures (bushes and trees, tank "wheels" and the lights over the doors), i can't see them properly. I suppose it is a problem of my client. And i've also noticed that i can see the tank's upper part through walls. Like if i was using a wallhack. It also seems like different texture than the rest of the map. I suppose it is a matter of my client, also. In the other hand, regarding playable aspects, i've found 2 things i would like to share: - I think it would be nice to set ammo and health cabinets in the axis spawn, like the original map has. - I've found some doors that seem they are practicable (could be opened), but they aren't. I think that may lead to mistakes, and confuse players who know the original map and would think they are new corridors or rooms. - Since the map has been named FA Goldrush, i think there could be added some FA flags, or so. I dont know if modders have the rights to do such things, but i suppose they do, since the map is not made by any clan or so. I think that new balconies and especially the middle structure in front of the bank's door may add some extra fun to the game. I can't wait to test it in a server, with players. Nice job, Smiley. Greetz, AcK
  4. Hi! It also happened to me. But then i copied the map to ETPUB folder, and loaded ETPUB mod, and then set a hosted server, and it worked. Without loading ETPUB mod, i wasnt able to load the map, because it didnt even appear in the list, in any game type (campaign, single-map objective, last man standing...) Greetz, AcK
  5. Yehee...!!! Happy Birthday, Vind! Greetz, AcK
  6. Happy birthday! Feliz cumpleaños! I hope you are having a nice day! Greetz, AcK
  7. Hi! Im out to bed, i've enjoyed a lot this Gameday on ET. I would like to thanks everyone who has prepared this event, the maps, etc... The event organicers too. They have been all time setting the wars, and also asking players what do we want them to set. That has been nice. Funny maps, and funny people. Can't wait for the next one! Greetz, AcK
  8. Hi, Alan! Well, we also want it. We work to keep a nice ambient on our servers, and we use to warn/mute people who disrespect others repeatedly. We use to allow a single swear or complaint, if is not offensive, since everybody swears sometimes when things don't happen like one wants to. You know, everyone sometimes needs to drop a swear. And there are many kind of different people who met in the servers. We can not control them all, or educate them all. But there is also people who just wihin and complaint all time, as the main meaning of their game session, thinking they are much better than the others, so they are legitimated to disrespect others. They are totally wrong and ridiculous. Many players even directly insult to anyone who kills them. I think that is totally unfair and i don't like these kind of persons. Never liked them. Back in my school days, i've seen it a lot, in real life, and i've always been the guy who defends instead the one who insults/mistreats. That's why i take these attitudes seriously. So... If you ever get insulted by any player, let admins know that you felt offended, by telling us by Private Message. You can do that by opening the console (º key, left of the number 1 key, under the Esc key) and write a private message to admins typing this: /m F|A Hi, [player name] is insulting me and i dont want him to keep doing that. Or something like that. If you feel it is much difficult for you to use this way, you can also tell us using the game main chat (default key is T). But i recommend you to use the private chat, so we can act better and more efficiently against them. As a personnal tip, i recommend you to keep that way of thinking about respecting others, keep that acting on servers and you will also be respected, at least by the people who is worth it. The other assholes can keep being ignored (because that's mostly what the insulters get, apart of mutes). You will find there are mostly very nice, educated and intelligent people on ET, but only a few assholes. Greetz, AcK
  9. Ooohhh... "midnight", friggin true! Thats Sunday, on practice. f*** YeAh!
  10. Yeheeee...!!! Happy birthday nuubzords! I hope you have a really nice and funny day. Erm... where was the party? My invitation got lost. Hugs, AcK
  11. Hi! I've just come back home. I'm jealous... I don't know if i will be able to join, but if i finally can't... i hope the server cra... erm... i hope you have lots of fun and a nice time! Someone please, panzer Kernel for me. Tell him that one was from AcK's part. With a wink Greetz, AcK
  12. Yeheeee...!!! Oldies, but goldies! I have always been a gamer, since i was a kid and got my first console, a SEGA Master System 1, with Alex Kidd in Miracle world, Wonderboy, etc... Now, i have most of them in my M.A.M.E. Glad to see there are many other oldies over here. Maybe you can enjoy also this site: http://www.retrosega.com/ Sega games to play online. There is also another one: http://game-oldies.com/ And i've also found a good archive of Nintendo's Game&Watch games also to play online. Zelda, Donkey Kong, all the mythic ones! I had 3 of these awesome mini games, and played with them a lot! But i can't find the web at this moment. If i find it again, i will update my comment to add it. Greetz, AcK
  13. Hiho! I think i have enough nuubzords spamming in my Discord already. I wouldnt get into a Facebook Messenger group or so. Hrhrhr Greetz, AcK
  14. @Smileyyy We have already talk on Discord, because i wasnt able to send you files by PM, but here i can send you the demos i took on Egypt. Take a look at them if you want. Anyways, you already know the things i've found: - Textures in the squared hole at M11 coordenates. - Materials images of the Gun construction objective (for axis) - Materials images of the Scaffolding construction objective (for axis) If i find time tomorrow i will also test the other maps and both teams, and will drop here wha i find. Good job with the map, and count on me for testing helping in anything i can. Greetz, AcK 2018-05-14-222622-mlb_egypt.dm_84 2018-05-14-223708-mlb_egypt.dm_84

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