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  1. Dumb idea, but is there a way to check how many times in a row a certain map has been played? Now that there are a bunch of new members, we can play Buhriz or Sinjar maybe 3 times in a row and none of the new players really know what they are voting for. Maybe after 2 in a row, disable the ability to play that map for maybe 3 games. This also gives new players the ability to explore other maps. Thoughts?
  2. I don't know the technical side, but if you capture a point, you get points. If you kill someone, you get points and so on. But say you have 3,000 points and the person you kill has 1,000, you probably would get 2 points for it but if they killed you, they'd get the maximum 25 points. It has to do with the ratios of points.
  3. Yooooo. I started playing bass because of Burton. That guy kicked ass. I moved away from bass and went to drums and got into Led Zeppelin, so Bonham became my other guy.
  4. ¡Gracias jefe! ¡Estoy deseando hablar con todos ustedes! Esta respuesta te trajo Google Translate. jajajajajajaja
  5. After speaking with an admin, I was told that a ranking system was never implemented as it was always weird. I've played on other servers that have it and it seems to work fine other than it just not displaying occasionally. I feel that for the players who do check rank, it provides a good goal to work towards while also playing. (ie "I want to get to rank 50 by the end of tonight). Would this be something you guys would be interested in?
  6. My steam ID is clburton24 I'm from NJ but go to school in Boston I play mostly Insurgency and I'm pretty boring other than that.

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