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  1. just needs fixing to be able to ignore slot numbers, i think admins have enough on their hands Kiba come to jay1 sometime
  2. u cannot use slot numbers
  3. most players know that but ive been in past clans on gaymod that enable allow u to use the players slot number not whole name, i dont see why players should have to turn off pm for idiotic players, reportiong these players via pm to fa only goes so far(like it never happend situation)
  4. Yes this might be a bit trivial but ive noticed some players trying to ignore pm spam from other idiotic players trying to harass them etc using the /ignore command but for some reason u have to put the full nickname in to ignore instead of the players slot, can this be fixed??
  5. I did some investigating...we will need to work on it a bit.

    1. Spreadem


      oki doki m8

  6. Spreadem


    im sure its nothing but connect to the server and do !adm -all in console
  7. Spreadem


    u might just need admin level its sounds like the server auto kicked you after u added tags without a recruiter etc giving you admin is all
  8. Ill Admit ive been accused of pushing /shoving in some circumstances but i can assure you all it was just my errection prodding you and not my big cold latex wearing hands

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