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  1. Long story short. Run as admin = I was already doing that. (thanks tho) The actual issue was I reinstalled ET and there was a many corrupt files in the C:\Program files (x86) folder. Buried the entire ET folder on C:\ Program files (x86) = then reinstalled ET All Good. Thanks for ALL your help! P.S. Too bad I can't move my Profile XP to the new install = Got demoted from a General to a Private Noobie.
  2. Original Login = HotGlock Built a new PC . Gets the error above when connecting to any FA server. PunkBuster is enabled. Methinks it is my unique PC identifier = Unclear how to change/ update it... Thanks in advance for any help...
  3. Got a 2009 Jeep Wrangler 2dr. love it! I live in the land of corn, soybeans and no trespassing signs. Haven’t found a farmer yet that will let me tear up his land by mudding
  4. Had a 1979 Triumph Bonneville special put 40k miles on it & it never hit the ground. Spent an entire month camping in Colorado on it. pic is a stock photo.mine had straight pipes Now I am a Biker with no bike. Due to expense & the small window to ride it in central Illinois. Looking for a basket case Harley pre 1972 or Triumph ‘79 or earlier...
  5. Been playing ET since the day it came out . 15yrs has to be a guinness record for online games that are still active. Even played this game in linux. I enjoy this server. Good admins - Great People in game About me : 6'8" tall male human-married - own my home - got a jeep- looking for a harley ( cheap) - extensive record collection 900+ rock jazz bluez etc .... Plays chess when I am not here- live in central Illinois. Semi-retired PC tech / network admin Login=>HotGlock
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