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    Death: My best friend died whenever I was 6 years old.
    The older I got, the more and more I realized the significant of the number 6, however; I still remember you Frank.
    You are a forgotten legend in my world, from where I grew up, your smile, your charisma, your love, it completely opposed me.
    Yet you showed me the capabilities of love, love is power.
    You showed me human beings are very fragile, yet very capable.
    I wonder, did you read that letter I wrote you?
    I really did hit a home run for you that day, at that age, I was so small, it was the first home run I ever had that season, and I did it with sheer will power, just so I could give you a gift, something I knew I could never give you more of...life... and I cried, and I cry.
    Did reading that make you smile?
    Thank you so much for teaching me life values that no one else would bother looking, thank you for seeing something in me no one saw blinded.
    The reason I will become the world's most giving philanthropist is because of you; and wherever I fund, I promise we will cure cancer for you. So no one else, no kid, no adult, or anyone of any age, will have to go through what you did. Love you. :in my heart, forever and always your friend, Math.
    Every day I wish it were me instead of you, that's why you live inside of me, because the death of me, was the death of you.

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK0yVF3sc4I We're listening to this while in the laboratory; revolutionizing science.