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  1. Hello Everyone! first as always sorry for my english and grammer My name is Irina but i prefer it with E instead of I so irena, born in 1st of January 1991 so since i am too special person i decided to give everyone that i know or i dont know a free day off there , you welcome in advance, im half russsian and half arabian born in russia and moved to middle east when i was 3 years old, i start gaming since i was like 10 years old and fell in love with video games ever since. i like playing video games and really hope to be able to make my own game one day so many thought but too lazy to do any as usual, mostly, right now im trying to learn making 2d games for mobile .. i like survival crafting games or anything that can chat with people since it a very good place to escape the reality. right now i mostly play only Black Desert Online and Sandstorm but im opened up to try other games. Feel free to ask anything or add me on steam and discord since i spend most of my time there.
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