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  1. Some changes done FA oasis replaced with original Siwa oasis FA tanks moved coz ppls just don't get it and i've seen many disconnects when map starts, also it has some fps drop issue. MLB Bergheim moved very big and too easy to rush. Teuthonia and Chateau Voilegarde_b3 added Map list atm..
  2. Snatch moved, it's not there anymore. Battery and Radar are a part of original map pack, it's a part of the game and we can't remove them, only hide them. Original maps won't show'n on the above list either..
  3. We tried different version but ppls didn't like it. Huertgen moved, TC base added.. Maplist atm.
  4. Yes, there's some maps hidden for different reasons.. Omaha and teuthonia need more players to come available. Original goldrush are hidden cos it's way too hard for allies and replaced with GA goldrush. Original fueldump have serious entities problem so it was replaced with other version. Pacman nuked, Beerrun added..
  5. This might be worth to try..
  6. Will add this soon 1. Parisbastille was there some time ago, good map 2. School map has some lag issues and fps drops, not playable when more ppls. 3.Bergen was just removed coz ppls find it too complicated, dunno why, i liked it. 4.Raiders going to be next on my map testing list Thx to all for good ideas, we have now many maps to add but nothing to remove. Pls tell me what maps should go ?
  7. U are my new best friend Welcome to the forums m8 !
  8. Hello and welcome to forums m8 !
  9. Hey mate, just swinging by to send you some love. Allow me a few minutes of your time, just to get sentimental with you. Thanks to you and Rendel for everything you do to make Beg2 a great place to play and chill. Always a pleasure. Even though, I've only been here for a few months, it's been a great escape especially this year, that has been full of tragedies. We all need a Kermit in our lives. :) 


    Here's a song dedicated to you, my friend. 


    All hail King Kermit. See you on the battlefield.



  10. Tervetuloa foorumille!!
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