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  1. K3rmit

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Dodgy, Rendel, Rules

    It was me who banned you REER, we just had enough of your bs. Teams were totally cool before you decided to stack on stronger team. Your ban ends tomorrow, on meanwhile I suggest you to go out and take a little breath before joining back to our servers. I don't wanna give you any longer bans.
  2. Happy birthday !!
  3. It's my greatest honor to announce our new Staff member @Ins4ne ! You have done a amazing job. Recruited and trained a good amount of new clan members. You have spent countless hours on our game servers, forums, DC and always helped players with their problems. True gentleman and it's always a pleasure to work with you, so a big thank you for everything you have done for us. Cheers!
  4. Happy birthday m8!!
  5. Welcome to the forums!
  6. K3rmit

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Thx for feedback! Moved: - Steelplant2 - MLB Hotchkiss - Haunted Mansion - 1944 Omaha - Railgun EU Added: - et_village - Teuthonia_final - ETL_bergen - UJE_factory Maplist atm
  7. You didn't tell me that you are endorsed by adidas now, nice collection !!  🤩

    But I think I have money only for the socks haha


    Chaussure Stan Smith - Vert adidas | adidas France

  8. Hey Falcon! Welcome to the forums bud
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