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  1. Welcome Mate. See you on Server.
  2. Xeilon

    ET Server Suggestion Splatterladder HD Pack ET

    Hello everybody, Can we take this pack on our servers? That would be wonderful. I think that it is more pleasant for our eyes and brings more fun. https://www.moddb.com/mods/splatterladder-wolfet-hd-pack/downloads Greetz
  3. FLY is a new development. A prototype. Brand new are the rotating seats. You get in and sit normally. After the lift you are turned into the flying position. On youtube you can find videos of testing on the premises of the company Vekoma. I can not wait for it. I think in 2020 it will be finished.
  4. Have seen it. Really cool. But its a fan Project. I dont think it can be final... And i dont think that many people play the Game. Its to Hard build a game that is better then The Original ET. With the Charme and and and.....do you know what i Mean ? But yeah its a fine idear. Et with New Engine looks really nice.
  5. What for a question. Dragonball. And more Dragonball. My Life is Dragonball. From Child to a Father with 2 Sons. Im 30 Years Old and i love Dragonball from day to day. With 99 years i Love Dragonball.
  6. Xeilon


    This Film is so great. I love Venom. Its the Best Venom i#ve never see before. Good Work.
  7. :)... The frontseat is awsome. Crazy and Strong. Hard Left and Hard Right. The Second Launch with 117 Km/h is so hard and Freaky. But the new Coaster has a Half-Pipe Launch.
  8. Hey, Hi and Hello Yeah man i am a really Coasterfan. Our amusement park Phantasialand built the world's fastest multi-launch coaster several years ago. Now there is information about the new rollercoaster. The brand of the roller coaster is Vekoma. The Flyingcoaster is the latest development and is the third generation of the Flyingcoaster. You climb in a sitting position and then turn into the flying position while driving. This moment is provided by Vekoma for a Darkride. Tell a story and then the ride starts like Superman. The best part is the fo
  9. I Love Godzilla. But he is to Big. He loves Happy Meals from Mc Donalds.
  10. Death is not the End. RIP He will find his way to the halls of his fathers
  11. YEEEEEAH MAAAN THE KING IS BACK. Not King Godzilla....its King Gedorah. A Beastality Fight is Beginning.
  12. Today I feel better. Wait to see if I've got over it

    1. RendeL


      Take your time to heal :)

    2. ViP3r*


      And drink tea, that is good :)

    3. Xeilon


      I love tea. Kamille :P


  13. I have a cold :(...very bad. I'm more active when I feel better

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