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  1. So my ping is always between 48 - 50. I have taken over the settings and can not detect any changes. Yesterday it was very bad. A Mg on the ground. I was not in sight. I fired everything until reloading. Only a few shot could hit. Everything else went into the void. As if I had it with my eyes. In the background I mostly have windows media player on for music. My system: CPU: Amd FX6300 Ram: 16gb GPU: Geforce GTX-760 Windows 10 64bit In the background, only the standart things. Sometimes Smartview runs to movies to the SmartTV to transfer. Whether the internal network plays a role? Could not fix anything yet or have noticed something of it. Do not think that's normal. Maybe it's just because of the slow internet? Something should happen in the summer. There should then be about 70 mb / s. I'm curious if it's better then. Where ET is old and the current should be completely sufficient right? I do not understand that anymore.
  2. Have made the changes. Could not see a big change except that there was a lag on the first start.
  3. Sry for that. I was advised not to make it public directly. I thought it would have a reason. Do not be angry. You seem to have it. : P No I do not. Should be something simple that I do not forget myself. : P. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about ET to know what you can do with it. It made me unsure that I should not make it directly public
  4. Europapark is lame. PH is better . More thematization. Not so boring...
  5. Thats the problem. Winrar Old and new Versions do not work. The file with .Zip Xeilon cfg.zip
  6. Really ? What version of winrar you have ?
  7. - PING: 21ms - Download: 4,51 Mbps - Upload: 1,93 Mbps
  8. Ok here is my CFG. I hope anywhere can find a Problem or Something. I Think its the Internet. But....i Love celebrations. . Delete File
  9. I would like to show you that. Phantasialand is the best amusement park in Germany. With the world's fastest Multilunchcoaster with 117 kmh and 2 lunches - Name Taron A waterway with the latest technology and the steepest descent in the world - Names Chiapas Now they are building a new roller coaster. The first lunch flying coaster. It is a prototype of the company Vekoma. That's why testing takes a long time. His Name is F.L.Y and the theme is Steampunk. I am very excited about it. The park is known for its great thematization. The park is currently breaking one record after the other. Here is a trailer and a photo:
  10. ET Full Screen?

    compatibility checked? Which operating system? Window mode off? Use the Commands and let us know
  11. Hey Have the problem more often. There are good days and bad days. It is said that if the Internet connection is slow you will automatically have worse chances. In other words: I have a connection with a line of 3000. The other one with 15000-150000. He can almost see the ball coming and deviates easily. But I can hardly resist it. Which affects a bad gameplay. I've noticed more often. I shoot exactly on the head the shots go to the void. Even if you're right in front of it. If the opponent does not move. I find very annoying. Unfortunately, I have a connection from the Stone Age. A line of 3000 is embarrassing. have also tried many mouse settings. If I make it very slowly, it's better. Unfortunately, it is a disadvantage if the opponent moves quickly. Just a middle ground. The shooting itself remains difficult despite everything. have been playing for many years et. But my ability has found a point where it just doesn't go any further. It's annoying when you aim and still lots of shots go to the void. I've seen a lot of videos. You even meet when you aim at the head. I can vergssen. What do you say ? Best Regards
  12. Smiley trimming his hair - with pictures!

    Wheres the picture ? Ill be waiting for
  13. Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Ohhh Yeah...my Son Loves Wreck it Ralph...he looks the movie every day . Good Movie.
  14. What is your dream car?

    I Have my Dream car Old Renault 19 16v - 1991 My summer car. I did everything myself. Completely rebuilt.
  15. What are you drinking right now?

    Cold Beer with Coca Cola and Lemon