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  1. Update (sorry for the delay): I couldn't find a way to fix this issue but least I can play now (it may crash a few times but it's okay I have patience) Unfortunately none of your suggest didn't work for me as well but thanks anyway I appreciate your time for replying to this (If some players who have the same issue as me also experience an awful low fps I'd suggest to you to change depthbits to 16 that worked for me)
  2. So you say that using the vanilla 2.55 should fix the problem? well if that is the case I'll try it. Also I've never tried setting r_primitives to 1, because all forums and answers tell me that I should set it to 2, but well thanks for that and i will post if I see any changes, Thanks for your time. Yes! I installed the Falls Creators Update (thing I regret have installed it) and everything went wrong, but the thing is that I can't revert back to Anniversary Update, the download is not available anymore at windows website, I think I will have to wait for Microsoft to fix that.. I will post if anything changes Thanks to both for your time
  3. Well about the update.. Windows doesn't allow me to revert back to a previous version (that's because it was installed like 6 months ago and you can only revert updates that were installed 10 days ago). The other things you mentioned are done (I've stared ET with the compatibility either enabled or disabled and nothing seemed to work) I will try the third suggestion, but I don't think if Omnibot is fully compatible with ET:legacy, also I've installed that version because the vanilla 2.60b didn't worked for me (believe me I've installed the vanilla version before and it runs worse than Legacy) Anyway I will take a look and post my results here, Thanks for your time (Correct me if I made some spelling mistakes) Yeah about that.. I would have to record a video because a single ss doesn't reveal so much and the console log doesn't show nothing really helpful, sorry:( (I think it could be something related to OpenGL in windows10, because other apps like Blender, C4D and some old fashion games also run pretty bad) Thanks to both for your respones
  4. Hi my real-life name is Jose Barría (yep that name sucks) and I live in the central zone of Chile, but I'm from the southern zone of Chile, anyway, I spent my whole time in ET:Hardcore server and yeah for those who already know me I suck there, but mostly because I don't have a good mouse and instead I use my touchpad for shooting which makes me slow.. Well, I've never done this before so it feels weird If anyone of you doesn't know where Chile is look it in Google maps (hint: Southern hemisphere) and if anyone of you wants to help me to improve my shooting skills pls let me know that's all fellas!
  5. I got the same f*cking issue I wrote a more detailed version but is the same issue (also my game crashes when it finishes to load)
  6. Hi this is my first post and (as I tell to many FA:HC players) I'm having a very annoying issue with my game. 1 My problem begins with the game itself: Randomly when I start etl.exe[1] the main menu runs with 1-2 FPS, even the background music sounds laggy, and of course the only solution is just Alt-F4 and restart again and again until the menu can show up fluently. that takes me to the next issue: 2 Then I always connect to hc.clan-fa.com but whenever I connect (also happens with other servers), the game takes a lot to load (about 30-60 seconds) and may randomly crash and when the load completes (yeah, i have to wait about 1 minute to finally look how the game closes without crash output). Things that I've tried: Setting all configs to default, switching ETL renderers, reinstalling/uninstalling, running as admin, changing permissions, look for openGL compatibility, modifying Windows registry, everything.. [1]: I'm using ETL because the old ET had the same menu issue before, and I couldn't fix it but ETL seems to work,.. except for that. I'm running Windows 10 - 64 bit, 4GB RAM - Intel Inside - Intel HD Integrated Card - Notebook (this issue began with a random Win10 update, also other openGL based programs like Blender also had FPS issues but no so problematic like this one) There are some days that my game crashes like 10 times before I connect to a server (and i play laggy). Well, if anyone of you can help me Thanks i'm so frustrated with this bug/issue

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