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  1. anyone else like to ride bmx ? I do that's part of the reason I'm not always on a lot of my time is spent outside on bikes but rightnow I'm working on building a bike and am trying to decide what color to do , another chrome or green and chrome? you all help me decide
  2. anyone glad that the patriots won the super bowl, I was hopping the eagles would win this year
  3. sorry haven't been on a lot lately been having problems with the wifi for my pc so I couldn't play but its all sorted out now
  4. fieldinggamer

    nfl team

    I was slightly disappointed that my favorite nfl team the Seattle Seahawks didn't make it to the playoffs... maybe next year they will make it lets hope
  5. fieldinggamer


    if any of you haven't ever heard upchurch's music I highly recommend it is great and has a great flow to it you all should go check it out
  6. hacksaw ridge is a really good movie I recommend it to all
  7. like to play insurgency,day of infamy and other games