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  1. Should organize an F|A vs all day on one of the other servers
  2. Throwing knife: 0 hits / 45 shots
  3. If you're on discord, you can use that to send files directly to whoever pms you asking for it.
  4. Oh god yes easily my favorite thing on this version already.
  5. Tried it minutes after El! did and worked for me as well. Took a few mins to readjust of not having to hit G to see nearby enemies
  6. Which battle are you doing? Hope to see pictures or videos!
  7. you really just make an account to say this? account made 48 mins ago. I wonder if a site admin checks your ip if it is the same as them?
  8. What about maps where both teams can have 2 cps such as the F|A version of gold rush? Does this charge stack?
  9. Poison gas and rnades really need to be reduced. Small maps such as supply depot, the poison gas is really annoying to deal with when theres multiple people just spamming away at them. And for many, it may cause fps issues with smoke and gas everywhere. Rnades are really powerful due to flak jacket being disabled, so limiting the amount of players that can wield the rifles would be a nice thing to see in the server. An rnade limitation may actually help teams in certain maps such as Hotchkiss where rnades are super powerful due to small and limited chokepoints. As for weapons like the MG42 and M97, I don't really care tbh. People prone with deployed MG42 are super easy headshots (like snipers) and most sit in the same spot(s) so I just line it up properly before peaking and prefire right before I'm in their line of sight. Even using a jiggle peak couple times before committing to the fight can give you have an edge. If they're close to you, try to get outside of the cone that they can aim and you will win every time. Arty is fine tbh, you dont want to make fops worthless. Most the maps the arty is in the same general area majority of the duration of said maps so when its in the same spot time and time again you learn quickly how to dodge the arty completely. Most of the good maps give you plenty of options to dodge it but not sacrificing too much of your time rotating around to dodge it.
  10. I would like all 3 alternate spawns be kept in (both cp spawns as well as garage next to fuel dump.) I like that the garage door is open now, gives an alternate exit that will surely have less pushing. However this may help the axis a little bit too much. Time will tell. Maybe it's positioning of the bottom screenshot that I cant see it but are you keeping the ladder to the catwalk and office? The new construct-able barrier on left side seems to be a good idea, we'll see how others react/adjust to it. Seems to be a good middle ground of making it double build but fuel dump still accessible by axis. Though you may need to deny "trick"-jumping over the left part of the wall over the barbed wire. Using double jumps to get onto/over a lot of these buildings is pretty easy in regular version. Even seen allies use a double jump bunny hop to get from CP spawn all the way over to fuel dump. If I knew and had the time to set up my own server with double jump and omnibots and what not I would test this a bit more as well as general gameplay. Perhaps DD could convert one of the lesser used servers into a testing ground? Is it possible to add some sort of invisible wall or something that stops only players a certain height above the outer wall (wont stop mortars, rnades, etc)? Obviously you want mostly axis players to jump off the wall into the thick of the fighting but I've seen allies try and get crafty with each other by setting a bunch of landmines in 1 spot and launching an engi flying over the wall. I've asked (I dont remember which admin I asked) if it's allowed and was told while a **** move of sorts, its not technically illegal. But I hate seeing these kind of tricks to cheese the map of sorts, its similar to nade jumping each other. I'm really liking the looks of this remake, I can't wait to try it out in game!
  11. With a lot of tree cover in the first phase of the map, I wonder how beneficial that would be for axis/hindrance for allied snipers. Looks like sniper spots allies can have back there is limited.
  12. Any way to put this into a server to have players come in and test this out? Also is the little invisible wall still a thing in this version? The one to deny the trick jump on the left side of the base? In that area I like the more full trees. Potentially allowing axis to get into tunnels without getting hit by the snipers on the hill. Looks good so far, hope to see more screenshots!
  13. So after witnessing my first game of 6Flags on the server result in an absolute speedrun by axis, is it possible to add some sort of anti rush? Make 1 flag of each side uncappable for ~10-15 minutes?
  14. A month? I've played at F|A off and on for several years since LZ died. I started playing here more consistently since around January-feburary cause other games have disappointed me and FA is one of the best communities on ET. I've played Fuel Dump for over 12 years, never once got tired of it. You also did not address my point as to why fuel dump is a good map compared to many of the maps in rotation. What other maps offer both teams as many options and playstyles as fueldump? Why take out a map that consistently brings people into the server? Every time I see it played, the server population increases. People leave/go spec when maps like Kerkyra, Hotchkiss, Capuzzo come on.
  15. Fuel dump is a great map to play. Offers styles for multiple kinds of players. Turtles, mortars/snipers, flankers/lurkers (like myself), turret players, arty whores. Not a lot of maps in the pool give as many options for all those play styles.

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