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  1. Maybe do 0-40 for house for more testing? Server rarely dies out these days cause everyone has to stay at home.
  2. He also had =F|=A= for a day! Anyways, throwing random maps out there cause Jay 1 players only tossed a couple map names of egypt (which i think has a lot of bugs) and temple. Tipsy in server said flame guards. Is this the right one??? https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=6510 Idk these other maps, just picked them random on trackbase. Idk how well these will run for a Jay1 type server. Byzantine Final 2 https://et.trackbase.net/map/552 -Apparently "holds up with 60 people" according to map description Also both sides are offense/defense. Wolfsrudel 3 Final https://et.trackbase.net/map/87/ El Kef Final https://et.trackbase.net/map/19/ Kef and rudel I remember playing like 10-13 years ago, but do not remember if they were great maps or not. Just that they both were played with relatively high server populations. Golden Dunk Alpha 2 https://et.trackbase.net/map/126/ This one can be in for couple weeks. Its a good flavor of the week kind of map. People have brought up this one a bit in server past couple months
  3. It started cause of all the gas grenade spam on Jay1. It was only a matter of time.
  4. No one at F|A is behind development of OBS mod. The group that was working on it stopped updating the mod several years ago. The only community running any version of obscurity would be Iceops, and I dont even know if theyre still running an OBS server. Also, I doubt the site admins would approve you of posting your server ip here.
  5. If they're dumb enough to use the sky floor when I'm playing on the other team, thats their problem. They're very easy to kill. They have 0 cover and have 0 chance of escaping my spray.
  6. !slap m00jii True, The meta on Jay 1 needs to be changed. Simply adding flak jacket can fix most of this. However, I've seen people complain more about maps on jay1 than the "explosive meta" which is why the rotation for the server has most of the attention. Because some maps are heavily requested in the forums/ingame then once they're put in, they're requested out. Maps like hydro dam are fun once in a while but don't deserve a permanent spot in the server.
  7. Minas is one of those maps.... people want the map in then whats its in, everyone wants it out..... Ok then, NFL or 6Flags.
  8. Frostbite for lower populations?? No way this map can be played on full server. I'm also all for trying out House. No 00 and no Kerkyra please.... And doesn't grave robbery have issue with people pushing like in Cortex?
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/merl1nator/clip/GoldenTallHedgehogHeyGuys
  10. Not sure if its a 1 time happening but Daybreak axis win on 18v18 crashed the server.
  11. When you're axis at first spawn on goldrush and allies repair the tank and spawn before you leave.
  12. But even doing @lvl 14 admins can still take some time. Thats why I'm saying to allow some trusted players to have basic commands like putteam or splat. To reduce the cheater's impact on the game till admins arrive to ban them.
  13. If trusted regulars can even just splat tf of him after getting a good demo, can neutralize him till admins show up or he rage quits. Or even put him spec so he cant play.
  14. I think it was Rainier that put Jstudentdude spec if he held the panzer for more than 2 maps and Jstu complained somewhere in the forums about it. Looks like thread was deleted
  15. Can we have some changes or removal of daybreak please? This spam, the over usage of poison gas (mainly in the final phase), and the sky floor hurts the enjoyment of the map.

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