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  1. When did this happen? When have you ever hit me with a knife?
  2. On a side note of the video, you can see some of FA's regulars in the video (danger, Jstudentdude, etc.)
  3. Not sure how the "falling scream" is so repeatedly triggered on hydro damn but my god it was annoying the other day. Can hydro be removed until someone removes/fixes this? Demo shows an example of it. hydro.dm_84
  4. I requested that if there is another version of venice, it should be looked into. The current version has just become a camp fest and has gotten boring to play. And I dont mind trying any of the maps Long suggested. Keep the rotation fresh and interesting.
  5. Helms Deep on server has not seemed too popular. Seeing quite a few people saying they're not liking it Also is there a different/greater access version of Venice? Current one has gotten so stale and become a dream for campers wanting kill sprees.
  6. For small/secondary improvements. For the courtyard marketplace, there should some change the items in the lower part. There are a bunch of random clutter items so maybe while keeping the options for cover, change the kind of props that are present? Not sure what exactly I want with this so maybe few concept ideas that everyone can agree on? On the GALS version, where the lighthouse sits there is a little crawls-space the connects from lighthouse to CP that allows primarily axis to reach cp or potentially harass allied mortar. Can we bring this back? Also this door. Can this go back to how it used to be? The mechanic for this is confusing for a lot of players. I've seen a number of allies try to satchel and dynamite it with nothing happening. This also restricts the allies ability to push for the tank at beginning stages of the map
  7. Jay1 has seen two separate redsigns of the beloved Goldrush map and players seem to request whichever one isn't on the server at the time. I believe that there is an opportunity to make a version that is "best of both worlds" type of map. Some notes: Screenshots on ET:Legacy mod and maybe splatterladder HD pack (not sure if thats in use) so visuals may look different from what is seen on Jay1/regular users. These visuals are NOT what I see in Jay1. I am also not a map designer so I have no idea if all my proposed ideas put on the same map will allow the map to preform smoothly, especially for lower end PCs and high playercounts, etc. Majority of the F|A version is fine (courtyard idea, courtyard overlook areas near bridge and where old truck is, tank barrier overlooks). The main things that should be changed is axis' second spawn and bank. Everything else I request are secondary/non essential, just minor improvements. Personally I believe roof camping above axis spawn should be removed. Just wall off that entire area. I understand giving them a little route towards the tank turn area (that little crawl-space that is in both versions) to allow quicker, safer pathing towards tank but thats probably one aspect of imbalance in favor of axis objective-wise. If the decision to keep that route in the future version, maybe a hallway of sorts that is axis accessible only both ways? Limit the allies ability to attack/harass spawn since it is tough for axis to do the same to allies. As for the roof options, it just encourages overuse of spawn camping that is irritating to deal with as axis. There is no need for it. Who knows, maybe reducing these options for allies pushes them more towards getting frags near objective that helps objective players. (maybe actually make JamesBond[GR] useful. If you play here frequently, you know what I mean by this) The "third/new" route out of axis spawn is nice. Give players more options to leave spawn and not the main one thats exposed to arty, mortars, mg42s, rnades spam while getting blocked by teammates as well as pushed out into open. Bank. This is where I believe the GALS version has significant edge in terms of how allies can grab the gold from the bank. In the GALS version there are multiple ways to enter the bank and the bottleneck in the main route is less extreme. The one change I would make to the GALS version of bank entry is the door on top left: open this hallway up a bit more so the fighting is a little bit more spread out. F|A's just has a long hallway thats easily defensible and the alternate/"flank" route to back of the room is useless. F|A's version of the little back route towards the lower back of bank might be able to stay. Let allies have a chance to really apply pressure on defending axis. However this might be too many "critical" areas for axis to defend.
  8. Oh he loves bitching about Long's "arty script"
  9. Both, depending which class you pick Warrior/Knight: Lightsaber melee, dueling Inquisitor/Consular: Lightsaber, force focus. Trooper/Bounty Hunter: Guns, lots of guns. Oh and rockets, flamethrowers and explosives Agent/smuggler: Pistols, rifles, knives and fists. And each class has 2 advanced classes/specializations.
  10. It's free to play so you dont have internet data restrictions its worth at least trying out. The individual class stories are a lot of fun to experience. IIRC it still has a decent player base but not what it used to be.
  11. Haven't played since Eternal Throne I think it was. Hardly any of my old guild buddies play anymore.
  12. Personally theres aspects about both FA and GALS I like. I will try to make a video or a post in own thread detailing aspects about both. I think we should try for a "best of both worlds" kind of thing if that is possible. Also sad to see that change to pit on Warbell. I loved jumping it as allies and knifing 4-5 unsuspecting axis.
  13. Kerkyra still in the list? Warbell pit jump: This is for axis only right? Or Allies no longer able to double jump for flank? GALS. One of the things I liked about the F|A version was the lightposts/lighting in the map wasn't as extreme as in Vanilla and GALS version. I will try to post a screenshot later of the GALS version but is it possible to change the lighting?

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