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  1. Can we have some changes or removal of daybreak please? This spam, the over usage of poison gas (mainly in the final phase), and the sky floor hurts the enjoyment of the map.
  2. Seen people (myself included) on the server wanted to play Goldendunk. Be fun for a few days and see how well people like it once its finally in server.
  3. I have never enjoyed playing UJE_00 and this map gets downvoted heavily.
  4. DD at earliest convenience can we get the updated list of the rotation, please? Thank you
  5. Imagine needing to go spec to find out that Doc is using the same mortar spots he always uses LMAO. Maps like goldrush, its so damn easy to find where the mortar player is just by the angle the shell lands.
  6. This is probably due to the final phase of the map which if axis respawn faster, they can win it much easier and pin allies into their own spawn. I dont know if respawn times can flip mid map to let axis respawn quicker during the earlier parts of the map but if there is, it should be put in place on this map.
  7. This rotation without Rommel. I requested this few months ago, DD added it and then everyone wanted it removed. Overlord 1944. Baserace or Vesuvius could fit in here?
  8. It's a shame the map runs so poorly tbh. It's a lot of fun.
  9. The map is a lagfest at its very core. Even 10v10 it causes frame drops. 24v24? No hamster will survive that.
  10. Im down for everything here except Super Goldrush. be 5 fps with Jay 1 population.
  11. Possible return of any version of baserace? Goldendunk maybe for a short time?
  12. 1v1 me boi

    1. darkfang77


      Sorry, but I'm not allowed to pwn noobs. 

    2. CabaL
  13. @daredevil Based on maps currently in rotation I would think: Caen: all classes, both teams flak. Maybe soldiers go without. GoldRush (any version) : Allies, all classes. Oasis: Allies, all classes. Xmas_Factory (dont know how much longer this will be in since xmas is over) : Axis, all classes Supplydepot2: Axis, all classes. Let them get out of spawn lol. Maybe both teams since allies struggle to survive in the building? Teuthonia: Allies, all classes. ET_Beach: Probably Allies, all classes but due to chaotic nature and small size of this map giving both flak might not be bad idea. But I want allies to have more of an edge than currently. Venice: Maybe Allies? Allies rarely win this map but its not like they're spawn trapped every time. Every other map is probably fine currently or give both sides. These are the ones that seem to be most urgent for change.
  14. Explosives (mostly rnades) dominate the meta on Jay1. With no restrictions on the amount of rifles that either team can have, many maps that are small or bottleneck in design are difficult to enjoy and have fun with and quite often some of these maps are disliked by the player base because the amount of explosive spam. Maps that otherwise would be fun to play. I believe DD has set it so that only the engineer class only has explosive damage reduction to increase objective play. This has rarely been the case. Many of the people who play the engineer class, still do not play the objective (myself included, I'm not gonna pretend I play objective to look better or anything) but rather spam the rnades or landmines in a "turtle" effort. The constant grenades and rnades is making survival for other classes incredibly difficult and therefor less likely to play near objective areas where the most of the chaos is. Changing flak jackets could improve the quality of games on many of the maps. I think certain maps where offensive sides usually struggle on might give a much needed boost to objective play as more players will be able to help clear certain areas or rooms. Then some maps that are extremely small with high pops or brutal bottlenecks give both sides flak jacket.

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