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  1. Discipline is the soul of an army; makes the small contingents large, gives success to the weak, and esteems all

  2. Some changes

    Thx kiba
  3. Some changes

    Hello everyone, I opened this post to inform that I formatted my computer, maybe it changed some ip or identity of it, once I finish some formatting processes in the machine I will inform my new guids, it must have changed something. thank you! I did not know where exactly this information was posted and I thought it would be important.
  4. Website =F|A= Newyear Gameday

    Ours was very good gameday we played until tiring very good even thank you for the event and I hope you always have more of these hehehe, I was well at the beginning I played a few hours and leaves after that I lost some parts: D
  5. Hallo Brothers

    yes sorry guys
  6. Hallo Brothers

    Thx Bigbro
  7. My xp

    My xp in jay1
  8. Hallo Brothers

    Hello again people, I am doing this post because I would like to be of the clan, I have been very well received by all and decided that I want to be part of this community entirely, I am very happy to receive and I want to share my joy with you accepting all the rules being obedient and of course having lots of fun.
  9. I'm happy for the reception of everyone thank you endlessly
  10. I am very happy to have learned to play this and I was very addicted hehe thank you from the heart to all who helped me xD Love all
  11. Thanks for the welcome from everyone in the forum I am very grateful :thanks
  12. Its Me :)