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  1. Rangerrage


    Hey all, Sorry I haven't been on or around much. Its now spring and the warm weather is here. I do roofing and siding so the start of the season is crazy busy for me. I will mostly be on at nights for the next few weeks until we caught up on work. See you guys soon!
  2. Hey bud, welcome to the forums. I have a good friend named Cathal from Donegal. Cathal Quinn! Anyway hope to see you in game. I play on HC and Silent 1. Rage is the name and Drinking is my game!
  3. Hey bud, thanks for your donation!


  4. Hey bud! Welcome to the forums. I mostly play on HC or Silent 1 server. Hope to see you in game!
  5. Welcome to the forums bud, I play on the HC or Silent 1 server. Hope to see you there!
  6. Welcome bud! Hope to see you in game some time!
  7. Welcome the forums bud. And thanks for your donation!
  8. Welcome to the forums Alan. See you in the trenches!
  9. On my old GSX-R 1000 I hit 172 MPH. That's fast on 2 wheels. As far as a car, it was probably around 140 MPH. I didn't dare take my eyes off the road.
  10. Lehm, I couldn't agree more. The original is still great, the new one lets people blend in more so its hard to see other opposing players. Still like the fact that Fuel dump is back in rotation.
  11. Hey all, the warm weather is here. I just finished cleaning up my yard and seeding it for new grass. This means great things....its almost riding season!
  12. Heya Koby, welcome to the forums bud. Now, if I could only dodge those rnades you launch at me. Hahahah, C you on the server bud!
  13. Welcome to the forums bud.
  14. WOWWWWWWWW!!! Ratspit, welcome to the forums brother. Im glad you are here and applying.

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