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  1. I been off for a few weeks do to losing a job. just got a job about a week or so ago so it might be a few before im back on ET. cant wait to be back :P

  2. sure wasnt aware there was a post about it my bad
  3. 15 years ago today this game was booming servers full overloaded everyone was enjoying it now its hard to find a full server unless you in jay1 happy birthday hopefully many more
  4. radar on jay 2 needs anti rush. if it already has it it isnt working cuz i went to move someone in spec for rushing and it was like a 2 min game
  5. just made a new picture for my name idk if its anygood but aye works for me 

    1. Smileyyy


      looks good to me!

    2. 991Fearless assassin991
    3. Hulk


      Nice man! :)

  6. jay2 is not moving inactive players in spec
  7.  that a**h**** afro  really laid into me after u left other nite harrashed me whole rest of nite.. nothing i cant handle just to let u know hes special .. now to me... what a over zelious asswipe!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xernicus


      *yawn* 🍿

    3. captnconcrete


      kid hu .. really  still trying to reach it hu grow up first boy!!!!!

    4. 991Fearless assassin991

      991Fearless assassin991

      ive had family problems the last week so i couldnt be on much 

  8. Yeah there super fast but as soon as u fired up any game ever made it still lags on it
  9. Thanks man i been trying to work on a config for my pc for the game you just solved all my problems
  10. Well right now I'm using a laptop go ahead an bash me lol I hate laptops but my desktop had to go it got fried by lighting stricking a utility pole. And the one I want is around 500 but with bills and stuff hard to save money. But my laptop got Hard drive/400gb Ram/8gb Processer/I5 Graphics/ Intel Intregrated Graphics 3000 It's a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 And it get hot with the game I've never had a pc that got hot with ET it's almost embarrassing lmao
  11. I didn't take offense to it I misunderstood it I didn't know there was already a topic about this I'm new to the forms
  12. Thanks Im not trying to steal ideas. I never even knew there was someone already doing this

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