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  1. Hello everybody!

    Hey and welcome !
  2. Непротивоконституционствувателствувайте. It means don't act unconstitutionally
  3. Funny screenshots from our server!

    I've body stomped someone after he killed me with rnade. Fun times
  4. Favorite paintings

    Robert Del Naja aka Banksy
  5. Rough times in real world

    Speedy recovery, buddy. Stay strong
  6. Favorite paintings

    The screens were really low res back then
  7. Favorite paintings

    Great topic Vermeer Durer Hopper De Chirico
  8. Hi all, i'm Asta

  9. ET Server Suggestion Jay1

    Some nice ideas here and I also understand the "Why fix something that isn't broken" camp. How about imposing limits only on certain maps? For example limiting rnades to 2 per team on maps with multiple choke points. Like Ruins or Oasis (once it gets back in rotation). It would make a huge difference for the attacking team. This way there's no risk scaring the regulars off and it might actually draw more people on maps otherwise considered unwinnable.
  10. Pushback from Thompson vs MP40

    Some time ago I had the same questions and found this : Thomson vs MP40 vs Sten spread / weapon level is not specified but I suppose it's the highest The whole test is here - https://enemyterritorytips.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/mastering-weapon-spread-to-increase-your-accuracy/
  11. What was the last movie you watched?

    Amazing film, not for the faint-hearted
  12. Favorite / Most memorable TV character

    That's a bit off-topic(TV) but a nice surprise to see a non-human character .... , Dave
  13. What's your favorite TV character or the one that left a lasting impression ? I'll start with : Ian McShane is so underused
  14. Hello, let me know what do you think about cryptocurrency?

    Blockchain tech is here to stay. Whether or not in its actual form, that's very hard to predict. Amara's law puts it very nicely - "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run". As for the speculation bubble that formed on top of the tech development, that's unfortunate but inevitable. Just basic human psychology - the greed and fear cycle. I have a small hodl port - mostly btc but also eth, zrx, omg and burst.
  15. What book remember your childhood

    Emil of Lönneberga. Must've read it 10 times as a kid