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  1. Is it possible to pre-order it yet? Cant wait to try it out!
  2. Yesterday the server crashed (19 december 2017) at 4pm (-5 GMT) when the map changed from Revolt to Station. Anyways, the map was set as Ministry Firefight for lower player volume, but once the map ended, it changed to something else and I couldn't vote to change it back to Ministry Firefight (there was only me on the server). Can we make it so the same gamemode or map plays until the server reaches maybe 4 people? and once it goes lower, the next map is always set to Ministry Firefight?
  3. exe

    Router question

    Yeah I agree with anjl, See what your internet speed is with the ethernet cable. Easiest way is to go here http://www.speedtest.net/en/ . Then check your router's bandwidth. If the test gave you better results than the bandwidth written on your router, buy another router! If not, there's no use to buy another router. Also, check your routers range, if its too far away its normal for you to lag. (buy a wifi booster if its the case)
  4. exe

    Insurgency Insurgency Sandstorm

    Have you seen their newest update on their development? Yes it indeed looks promising. They even added technical vehicles.
  5. I see the internet as a library, it has an infinite potential of human knowledge but also some weird ass shit. The thing is that humans are curious, its in our nature, and just like in real life when you read a controversial book in private, you don't want everyone else to know you are reading it and to spread that info to everyone else ( looking at you google ). Net neutrality is not only about privacy, but it exists to ensure that all information on the internet is accessible to anyone, no pay gates no nothing. Our timeline is one of the most important in the history: we have access to all knowledge just by looking it up and we can communicate and see each others on forums like these where we create communities and bonds between people. We got to defend this human knowledge at all price, this is from where we will evolve.
  6. exe

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
  7. exe

    Day of infamy on sale

    Nice deal, I just bought it. I hope to see you guys there too
  8. exe

    Official FA Discord

    FruitBasket #2075
  9. exe

    My 1st game on 1st pc

    Oh that's a really old game Yoda The first game I played was that spider solitary game that came with Windows XP lol
  10. exe

    What was your first mobile phone?

    Mine was this beast. My parents bought it on the way to Germany. I had it for one year and that flipping thing bothered me so much that I removed it. Never encountered someone who had the same yet lol .
  11. exe

    Happy Birthday Tukkonen

    Happy b-day dude! Have a good one!
  12. exe

    Hello everyone !

    ty everyone , cant wait to play with you <3
  13. exe

    Hello everyone !

    ty Hope to see you too!
  14. exe

    Hello everyone !

    Hi guys! I'm new here and it's really fun to play on your servers! I have been playing from time to time on your ET servers but mostly on your Insurgency server. About me: I live in Canada, I speak mostly French but i speak English and another language fluently. I'm a student at University and I study Physics and Computer Science. Also I like eating exotic food , running, gaming, hiking and training! Can't wait to see you on the servers !