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  1. ukshogun


    don't know what putty is I haven't used filezilla again it seems 2 be that its got an issue :)with my provider sorry for late reply :)
  2. set g_intermissionReadyPercent "75" set g_intermissionTime "30" this is time at end of map to beginning of other 1 start try change these 2 set g_intermissionReadyPercent "35" set g_intermissionTime "35" this is what I have its 30 secs ithink till nextmap starts change in modrun cfg
  3. ukshogun


    hi guy I use filezilla to upload and download files to my servers I downloaded my nitmod folder and got disconnected from my FileZilla and cant see or connect to any of my servers on hlsw my servers appear offline but they are not my server provider (fragwise) says my ip is not banned any help would be appreciated it has been 4 days thx
  4. start et normal press options/game/downloads/ get missing files from server make sure all are yes
  5. ukshogun

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