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  1. i Guess so lol, although you not dieing is fun to stalking me all day
  2. I'm 100% Sure it's either Jay2 or Jay3, Why? Well that's Kinda obvious xD..... i have no idea why LOL!, the best server is whichever one Cheep Dies most on
  3. Yo i'm a Huge fishing Fan man, used to be the only thing i did when i was a weeee bit younger, i have fished on Ocean waters, but only on the edge of Holland lol, i usually just simply fish in creeks and rivers for Bass or Carp, even a Silverfish haha. I usually Fish iff i want to be left alone and just want to relax, kinda like my Zen moment lol.
  4. Donuts are Life, Like it or not

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MrFoxy050


      Lemme chop up Cheep real quick, i'll be able to hook you up :P

    3. CheepHeep


      Damn. Hes already throwing dirt in my face. Its a tradition now.lolol

    4. MrFoxy050


      That's becuz all of us love you so much man, we just wanna eatchu up :P

  5. Thank you for the kind words Osie and Epic Looking Smileyyy ^-^
  6. Thank you all for all the kinds welcomes ^-^, i feel right at home already
  7. Thank you for the welcomes guys, appreciate it lots Yeah mate was fun lol, we were blasting each other all day haha
  8. i play around 8 hours a day lol, Mainly because i'm on Holidays right now, and i usually just chillout at home with friends. Played 11 Hours Straight on Gameday in Jay2 though, was Hellah loads of fun, hope to repeat that asap haha.
  9. Incase you watch Youtube alot like i do , Let everyone know who yours is! Mine happens to be Kcmo and or H2ODelirious & his friend sqaud. Kinda depends on which games they play ^-^
  10. Some cream and 3-4 sugar cubes, depending on how heavy the person makes the coffee Huge fan of coffee though, drink it through the whole day.
  11. I saw this post and i couldn't resist lol. Happy birthday to you all even though 1 day to late. :all rock:
  12. Gameday was awesome! put 11 straight hours up in there lol, Glad i did, had a insane amount of Fun Thanks Cheep ^-^.

    1. Eazy


      Lolol!!! Nice xD 11hrs maaaannn

    2. CheepHeep


      No worries man! about 14hrs for me and counting!

    3. MrFoxy050


      You're a Chicken tho Cheep, Chickens do that on a regular basis :P

  13. Thank you all for Having me, i'm sure it'll be a blast being around ^-^ You know it lol, i'll make sure to put up a good fight like the last time mate

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