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  1. I'm back Home a day earlier than expected, the weather turned bad but I'm glad to be back in civilization I was starting to get internet withdrawal symptoms.   

    Belated thanks for all B-day wishes.

  2. Happy Birthday to me🎂


  3. I'm off too the beach for a week or more starting tomorrow🏖️

  4. +1
  5. I'm depressed so have musical grade depression I recommend not looking up his music unless you wanna cry
  6. It's snowing in Canada now, sadly that means I might not be on as much as I am often more depressed during the winter 

    I'll be on whenever my mood allows me though.😿 

  7. Been on a nostalgia kick lately Warning Graphic
  8. I need a vacation from my vacation🏖️

    1. redfromsvn
    2. CheepHeep
    3. Neuro


       :cheers:spank:wub::ph34r::blink::punk:yeye:crazy:censored .........we got you


  9. Borderline yeah. By the way Neuro did you do something new with your hair?
  10. I'm officially 28 now🎂 

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    2. Snatixx


      Soon the end...

      happy birthday!

    3. Sisje


      Happy Birthday!

    4. Neuro


      Hope you enjoyed your mimosas and waffles and pancakes!

  11. Dycantos

    Insurgency Insurgency Sandstorm

    When Ins started out it wasn't that popular to begin with and that low price drew people to it but now it's unlikely they'll drop the price very soon, look at DOI its still 20$ and Sandstorm will draw it's own customers so the need to discount is diminished. 20% off is probably the best deal you'll get for awhile.
  12. I don't really like Flakturm actually it's kind of boring on entrenchment and a clusterf@ck on Stronghold albeit a semi enjoyable clusterf@ck. P.S. I often refer to it as favourite sarcastically but no not on of my top picks.
  13. No stupid questions eh. So is it true that you are Alpaca turned human by a mad scientist???
  14. Dycantos

    DOI-Discussion Phoenix - Leaving

    I'm sad to see you go but you gotta put your life first. Your Arnold impression and flamer shenanigans will be hard to top so any new members got a high bar to meet. P.S. Stop in any time we'll keep the flamer warm for you.
  15. Thank you. I'm already a lot better that was like 4 or more years ago I dropped that guy after that, I'm on good meds now and although I still do 24s fairly often I sleep pretty well now
  16. Panzerbüchse 38/39 was the german AT rifle but they converted most of them into grenade launchers they also had flare guns converted into GL's as well.
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