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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944677573 Red sent me this theatre from the workshop. seems like it has most of the ideas in practise thus far
  2. I have seen servers with no limit to roles, as well as with some missing. No flamethrower is possible. There is 2 servers I know of that have medic bags for the medic role. You're right. Just trying to think of available models in game instead of creating new ones. T-18 might be able to be a simple conversion.
  3. my current suggestion / ideas as follows Weaponry: General Additions: Handguns: Smith and Wesson 44 - .445 calibre issued Canadian/commonwealth Revolver Enfield in .455 Webley - Official Commonwealth issue - larger calibre than .38 S&W Rifles Pattern 1914/US M1917 - .303/.30-06 commonwealth/USA calibres respectively. 5 round sharpshooter rifle issued as sniper and frontline / support troops. SMLE - ww1-1943 issued Lee Enfield no 1 mk 3 - lighter and easier ergonomics than no 4 mk 1 Berthier French Bolt action 3-5 round rifle. Relatively short compared to most of the Bolt Actions French MAS-36 Bolt action Winchester 1895 Lever action rifle. 5 round magazine - USA Shotgun Winchester m1912. Standard issue on both fronts - USA SMG Riesing m50 - .45 cal m1-carbine looking rifle. semi/auto selector - USA Lanchester - 9mm sub gun LMG/MG Johnson LMG - USA Explosives: Molotov Cocktail Boys anti-tank rifle (UK) Recoilless Rifle (USA) T-18 Gewehr Anti-tank Rifle Role Changes / Suggestions Flamethrower / Medic - Flamethrower could strip off gear to be a medic w/primary rifle. Otherwise we could swap out the role completely. Might change up the playstyle a bit by having no friendly flamers. Having the ability to drop a health bag could give us an added edge for the prolonged sessions between objectives. Engineer nerf - I would like to see a few additions to the role. In the cvars you can activate one that gives the AI traditional loadouts. This includes an m1 carbine for an engineer. I have seen AI's with them before. At this point it doesnt affect players. I would also love to see the Winchester or ithaca given to the engineer. Server suggestions Suppression - I would love to see the momentum suppression turned down. There is no rational reason why i would stop in place when getting shot at.
  4. Hey everyone Just wanted to get the ball rolling to see what everyone would want to see done in the server. There is already a discussion for maps so please avoid them.
  5. ive shared this a lot of times already. I think we'd be better off with 10+12 or 12+12
  6. They all use 5 round stripper clips.
  7. + 2 cuz i got a big ego, worth more than 1
  8. I am one of the few who voted commando (Team Pabbat) , sole reason being that we will be losing a ranked server. We don't have to keep it commando, I think we could just tweak the current settings. I think we would benefit from having a recruiting and hardcore server, but ranked. I think that a custom would be better off as server 4, if that is at all attainable. I think 2 ranked gives options for a harder challenge and incorporating teamwork. In my experience i see 3 members on once in a while, and usually 1-5 regulars or randoms every-other night im online. We can still look at Cvars to manipulate the current AI and work out the kinks that players are experiencing. That being said; for the status quo: What i would love to see is select entrenchment or stronghold maps, with commonwealth and us SWAPPED. Imagine dog red as the canadians and british flowing onto the beaches? juno beach FTW boys and girls. What about using a BAR to hold the bridge at Commachio? At the same time i agree that there are good custom maps we can throw into the mix as well. its kind of interesting to play the born to kill mod maps as commonwealth. There is a new foliage-heavy map this week that looks really nice. These things could A: Set us out from the crowd, and B: Give us a new, unique experience on familiar territory. Not everyone will remember this, but one of the original theatres had ortona entrenchment. We gotta bring that back.
  9. I see you're... living on a prayer... *csi Miami theme*
  10. Average kill count for top 3 players is larger than entire rest of team. That would be much better suited for 8 player. 16 player server is good, I would argue we could get 2 more bots on, or we could remove 1 slot and run 3 more bots. Than one ortwo little tweaks could be made to difficulty. Quantity and quality are very hard to balance already
  11. I was trying to say something similar. Even experienced players don't like to use teamwork because we are used to the flow of server 1. I think we should start athread Discussing specific cvars and issues players are having. People in the know canrespond critically to concerns and rrequests From there we could determine what could be appropriate for server 1, 2, (3), and pvp
  12. Verillaxus wearing the officer cap as a radioman. My view from a grenade launcher as commonwealth. RED with his hair ON POINT as always my new Bazooka with bolt handle MG42 swimming under the map in brittany. m3+Garand = AK47. I found the secret crafting recipe to cheat in this game An Officer with a radio on his back, and called for himself... last but not least, the man with the BUILDING AS A BEARD
  13. i cant speak for others... Still havent seen a link yet as to who you sent it to. I have zero notifications since november from you. no relevant messages either. From what i can tell this topic was started on Mar 1, and was for the purpose of discussing this exact thing... if you dont want to change it after every post, just dont do that. read your signature.
  14. +1. apparently if no one but red replied i imagine there was some reason for it. No need to be salty