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  1. From what I found out about this issue on the forum, some people were able to resolve the issue by restarting their router. There's also some more info here:
  2. n3g4n

    Lagging Badly

    I'd first try to eliminate the latency issue shown in DPC Latency Checker. Two things to check first which would be a good starting point: 1) Make sure the Windows power settings are set to Performance mode 2) Make sure that all your drivers are up to date.
  3. In the table I created for testing the query I gave you, I had to change the id INT to BIGINT and it worked. You could try with another id value, of course.
  4. No problem at all. You can give a default value to a SELECT. So if you SELECT '20180826235955', you force the first value of the SELECT query result to be '20180826235955'. There must be something wrong with your phpMyAdmin settings since it's working perfectly in mine. Can you try running this query in your PHP code to see if it works?
  5. Ooops, sorry I missed that info on your first post. Try this to see if this works better: INSERT INTO `___home_impressum_wordcascade_wordcascade` ( `id`, `headline`, `word`, `unlocked`, `order`, `timestamp` ) SELECT '20180826235955' , 'aa', 'bb', 0, MAX(`order`)+ 1, '2018-08-26 23:59:55' FROM`___home_impressum_wordcascade_wordcascade` `tmp`
  6. What is the version of your phpMyAdmin?
  7. Also, in your code, you could change the two first lines to: $date = date('Y-m-d H:i:s'); $unique = date('YmdHis', strtotime($date); So the unique ID will always be created from the $date's value and not from a new created date() value. I know your code will work the way it is, but you never know what can happen. With the code above, you stay consistent.
  8. I tried adding this record, and it worked in my phpMyAdmin: INSERT INTO `___home_impressum_wordcascade_wordcascade` (`id` ,`headline`,`word`, `unlocked`, `order`, `timestamp`) VALUES ('20180826235955' ,'aa','bb', 0, (SELECT MAX(`order`)+1 FROM`___home_impressum_wordcascade_wordcascade` `tmp`) , '2018-08-26 23:59:55'); "order" needs to be in quotation because it's a MySQL parameter. You could rename it to "sort_order" to avoid having a column named as a MySQL parameter. I also had to change the type of "id" to bigint.
  9. ...or you can copy/paste the table that you're trying to work with.
  10. Can you copy/paste, or even better do an export of your customer table so I can add it to my table and try the query that's not working? I don't need the data, just the CREATE TABLE customer with all the fields.

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