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  1. Hi Remi, and welcome to the forum!
  2. Here's my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time: Lost Breaking Bad Person of Interest Fringe Westworld Better Call Saul Ozark Forever Do No Harm The Brave
  3. Oh heck no!!! It's mainly Trance (uplifting, progressive, etc...).
  4. Home made stew with couscous.
  5. Not really a musician (as I don't play any instrument), but I've been an electronic music producer for years.
  6. $25 donated (on top of my annual VIP) Receipt: 4WG35310VJ242405K
  7. Hi! I'm n3g4n. I've been playing on F|A RECRUITING XP servers for quite some time now. It truly is the best ET server out there. Recently, F|A added more great maps, and that really made me want to give an annual donation for their effort. Cheers, and cya on F|A RECRUITING XP. = n3g4n =

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