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  1. So last week there was one player who didnt know how to vote... But we can explain and problem solved.. Was first time on beg 2 someone told he didnt know how to vote... so don't think thats the problem... Its more like online the same maps are gonna be played because of the voting system... Can't remember last time if played war missile or theutonia or something... And I know this maps is what most of players wanna play but most of the time the same guys calling for goldrush or something and the rest is voting for the map they wanna play Its not like more then 50 % of the players wanna play that map... We have a lot of maps on beg 2 and I think its regrettable the other maps dont get a chance... because there are a few new maps we didnt play that much but they need more time to like the map. Because like the way its now you can just increase to 6 maps I quess because the others wouldnt get trough the voting system
  2. So I could'nt find a topic about this but if there is srry then this one can go to the trash... In beg 2 we have a map voting system... There are about 4-5 maps everyone wants to play -goldrush -italy -oasis and did I say goldrush? So most of the time you play like this maps and the others are if there is not a lot players online and they dont vote that much…. And yeah I love to play this maps but not like whole day, and I've seen people disconnect because they have to play a map the've played 4 maps ago or something like that... Why would we just do a random map thing...and maybe the vote option for next map? So we can play all of the maps and make it more fun to play again
  3. Cmon Croatia!!!! Hope they Will het it doen!!! But I think it can be both of them... Maybe France saved best for last... Still Croatia played better this cup
  4. Wanheda


    So more tips and tricks please We are going to rovinj... 2 week with our 3 Girls (12,10,4 years old) and ofcourse my lovely wifey and me. Yes a Girls trip its gonna be haha. I dont know how they handle lesbians but we are not like making out on the street or something.
  5. I think it was egypt... This Year going to visit Croatia... Maybe it will be a new favorite
  6. Congrats!

    Keep up the good work on server 😘

    1. Wanheda


      Thanks mate! :)

  7. So there are high pins and its very laggy... People complaining and go ofline... Kermis told me it was 13 days now. Dont know if it Will help...
  8. the inside building between the old city and the Axis spawnplace... with the 4 ways out..
  9. Yeah the maps smileyy made looks realy awsome! Heymare or something, I think i've played this map 3 or 4 times...and most of the time because there are not many players and I wanna play it to see how it goes. When im Lucky and others will also vote for this map we can play it. Its a fun map but I see in maps who are a bit small its hard to play when there are a lot players online.
  10. But for what I see right now (missed that post ) I realy like what you've done with it!! Maybe on the inside a window in it?
  11. So maybe you can put Another way in the 2nd tunnel, So you make 3 point where you can go to the axis side, but camping in the tunnel would be harder because they split up richt after the beginning. (Tunnel after allies captured the old city you know?) You can let it go to the backyard so there are also 3 different spots allies will come for attack
  12. So why dissapointed And yeah Belgium is doing a great job! Germany are Lucky basterds with the official last game
  13. I don't think also but it was more like... its oke if they win this one... But it would be also nice if its a underdog
  14. So since the Netherlands didnt get trough the qualifications now I have to pick some country I think its have to win. Wel it isn't Germany... I don't know why, live 5 min from the boarder of Germany but no... I think Iceland have a few very handsome players in it And we are going to Croatia this year so maybe it would be them...I think it would be nice if its a underdog
  15. So more and more are diconnection when baserace starts.. Its a nice map but like all on server says, the vast running peepz flying over and over make this map no fun. And I agree with rendel on the milenium falcom map

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