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  1. Yeah old maps.... love them!! tram, and also dont know who mentiont it glider....
  2. Its Johnny008, Always Lol no like to play with him I quess everyone who's sneaking behind my back stabbing me with a knife
  3. thanks for the new maps still think baserace isnt fun with doublejump so wouldnt miss that one
  4. Just on of those days... :(

  5. Oké, I did like them though haha. But I can also understand some of them dont.
  6. So I dont know if Im in the right place here but I was thinking... About a half year or year ago there were some new sounds on the server like: RIP buddy... It was fun and in my opinion a lot of the players used it. Is there an option to get it on the server again?
  7. Both I quess... =)

  8. you can send it over here... =)
  9. time to get some sleep

  10. Oke, sad but lag isnt good also haha. 1944 beach is also one I play like once a month...and I think I play a lot. ​Is Ice still on the votinglist? and oasis and marrakesh in other versions will be fun, but indeed replace, Like now you have 2 types of goldrush and I hear a lot like again goldrush played this one 2 maps or 3 before. And is fuel dump in an sw version or so?
  11. Hey girl and welcome to the clan :) I'm proud about my padawan, keep up the good work :D

    1. Wanheda


      Aaaah thx!!! Couldnt do it without you guys! You are the best!!

  12. Real Life! First name: Debbie Any sort of Nickname?: Debzie Age:29 What country are you from?: Netherlands Are you a Parent?: yes How many siblings do you have?: 3 What's your shoe size?: 39 What do you do for a living?: house Mother / volleybal trainer Greatest Fear?: snakes Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: giving birth to my daughter Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) to much! First thing you look for in a new friend?: kindness Farthest you've been from home?: Egypt What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: ET

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