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  1. Hey guys, so just letting you know that we want to start organising Public wars on the ETPro servers, starting with once a week, so just wondered what times and stuff are best for everyone who is interested? Evenings/Mornings etc? what timezones and stuff you're in as well, maybe if enough interest doing more then one at different times? Hopefully when we start doing this, like we've noticed during scrims that people seem to start joining the servers so hopefully it'll bring more population through the =F|A= ETPro servers. Let me know what times are best suited for you, and then once we are happy and picked a time and day will start it and post the server we are using on this post/discord as well to remind everyone! Add me on discord as well and ill PM people who are interested as well: Fatal#5052 Thanks Fatal
  2. Alright everyone just wondered what peoples new years resolutions were this year? Also if anys to do with health and fitness and need any advice let me know as i've studied nutrition and also personal training so could possibly help some people on here! Let us know your New Years Resolutions Also happy New Year
  3. Okay that hasnt gone so well, so what ill do is sort another one out next week but this time it'll have a teamspeak, it'll be for an actual war as well so it will be on the scrim server. Think if these are organised correctly it can go ahead, but i need times that people can commit too it
  4. 8:30 everyone, ill join a discord channel as well, its just started so if youre still interested come along
  5. Just discord for tonight as its just a test, if it goes well ill add a ts address for future so everyone else can join the voice chat
  6. This is just for a public game of etpro, so players can join teams as they please, obviously I'm doing this too see how popular this idea is, if this goes well i will be doing match meet ups as well, so like you said 4v4s/6v6s etc, but this is just for everyone to join and just play together but on the etpro mod
  7. Leant the game on jaymod/etpub and moved into etpro and preferred the hitboxes so much more, but either way if you fancy getting involved jump in
  8. Legit love PUBG on Xbox, but may slip into some FIFA or other FPS games here and there but add me up either way! Tag: FurryFetusMan
  9. Recently been and brought my self an xbox for the specific reason to play PUBG on it, so if anyone else is currently playing it and fancies teaming up let me know, already had 3 WWCD's in the space of a week so would definitely be an asset to your team haha! Tag: FurryFetusMan
  10. Just a test this time mate, next time if this goes well their will be more details and so forth which i hope will lead to more members coming along and giving etpro a try, specially if the servers busy
  11. Okay we will try the first one this friday at 8:30pm GMT, on the server =F|A= EURO ETPRO OBJ SERVER! Time&Date: 8:30pm GMT 5/1/18 Server: F|A Euro etpro obj server IP: Remember i will be posting a reminder in the discord so lets see how this first one goes and if it does well we can keep them coming regularly Fatal
  12. crosshairsize 24 Cyan FOV 110 sensitivity 0.3-0.45 depending on how I'm playing on the day
  13. Starting the year of strong $40 USD Receipt Number: 2628-9655-9070-8352
  14. No one has replied to the dates and now its the New Year (happy 2018 btw) I'm gonna be posting a time and day for this week on our first meet up, will post in the discord channel on the day just before and hopefully we get some popularity to this idea, server will also be posted along with it as well
  15. Merry Christmas, Hope you all get decent presents (Socks) and all end up lovely and drunk
  16. Just a quick one seeing as the last tournament hasn't seemed to go ahead and it got a lot of attention i thought i'd ask a quick question on who would be interested in a Tournament going ahead in ETPro? Seeing as F|A have 3+ ETPro servers not going to much use at the moment i can see this being a good way off picking up popularity in them and if organised correctly benefitting the clan with even more people coming through not only the ETPro servers but also using the Public NoQ/Silent/Jaymod servers as well. Obviously i would love to get involved in this and help out and having experience in helping run tournaments back in my .55 days (ETW 6o6 tournaments) i know i'd help out massively and know all the best ways to keep everyone happy. I don't know what happened the the tournament that was meant to be going ahead, hopefully it still does as i heard it had quite a lot of teams sign up so it must be a good idea too quite a lot of you?
  17. Think i started off with games such as: Sims Rollercoaster Tycoon Zoo Tycoon Runescape i mainly played FPS games then but i think my first for a MMO/RPG was Guild wars
  18. Don't understand this thread, if you don't like the poison knife stick too servers that don't have it on, simplest solution i know haha
  19. As my last compute decided to die I've updated too an Alienware Auror 4, which is good but obviously the graphics card which it came with is pretty low standard and looking for a good upgrade which isn't messily expensive, currently have a Nvidia GTX 555, want something that will run games like PUBG smoothly without any lag at a decent res
  20. The original tournament which was brought up by snatixx is going ahead in jan i think, so once this has been done i will focus on starting one
  21. Should increase the dmg done by rifle grenades and actually grenades, they are weak as on the servers, you throw one directly at someone and they survive half the time! but yeah the rifle is well OP
  22. First online game was probably rune scape or W:ET
  23. Alright guys, been playing a lot of competitive games recently and i really enjoy them, if anyone is normally about at night time UK time add me on steam: Tebazzy and lets play some games together

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