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  1. GaryS950

    Top 50 Bassists

    i honestly feel burton is far more talented than trujillo. he was the sound of metallica until that incident. possibly what made metallica sound like metallica till .. and justice for all, after which newsted took over and was sidelined by lars.
  2. wait till December and get xbox one x if your TV supports 4K. otherwise, get a PS4 Pro.. even a slim would do at this point. what are you looking for? exclusives? if so, PS has a better amount of those. however, expect better online from xbox. you will always be able to play xbox 360 and original xbox games on one or one X so that's a huge bonus, again for xbox
  3. somebody uploaded the whole story mode over youtube minus the in-game battles. made for a great movie, or sort of. and seriously, in a netherrealm studios fighting game, that's all there is to it since they never take a deep-dive into mechanics like guilty gear and kof.
  4. A bigger surprise was 40 percent of Australians being unaware of metadate retention when it first it the coast. It wasn't until this march/april that usage of vpns for anonymity skyrocketed. same goes for US. privacy concerns in US have been a real debate over the past few years but only when Ajit Pai's gig became popular did more people turned to Google on the prospects.
  5. GaryS950

    Top 50 Guitarists

    to me, marty friedman, dave mustaine, rick graham, yngwie malmsteen, guthrie govan, steve wai, stevie ray, hendrix
  6. i looked up forums and tab sites on how to pull these riffs off. and everybody was like it's the hardest thing they've ever played a friend says dream theatre is more complex but mustaine and friedman really do it for me.
  7. is metal allowed? into hard rock right now. could switch any minute to opeth.
  8. A hilarious depiction of what happens when a YouTuber sits on the wrong side of the table.
  9. don't have 4 over pc anymore, but have it over xbox one. so i ocassionally play a couple of matches when i'm unable to find matches in other multiplayer titles or when i don't feel like playing pending campaigns