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  1. Bit support for this great gaming community. Really enjoy playing games, chat and talk with u guys n ladys. Et, Ins, Doi and have lots of fun and best laughs. Hoping long live for this community. Cheers Pes or as many of u know me as Mr. Salty xD
  2. Holy crap! Didn't expect you to donate that much! Thanks!!!!!! Love you man. 

    1. P3swan


      Haha made promis to u that will suprise u :D

    2. CheepHeep
  3. Not gonna marry u Boiii

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    2. P3swan


      U got nothing to worry BSM :D

    3. CheepHeep


      @BSMof course babe. Just organising my divorce with pes with the lawyer. I'm taking half his skill as a result. Its only fair. All the trauma he put me through. 

    4. P3swan




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    2. P3swan


      Two shapes they can't constrain. Get ready, get set, let's roll. SHAAAAAAApe ShifteRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :DDDD

    3. Shape.


      dude , share whatever you had , i want it

    4. P3swan
  5. Mr. Salty

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    2. D..X


      no idea what there talking about

    3. CheepHeep


      P3swan salty mode at 500%

    4. Patrick
  6. Wheres my name? Salty lvl 100
  7. Still waiting btw :x

    1. RedAngel


      When you least expect it ;x

    2. P3swan


      It was indeed when i least expected it :D

    3. RedAngel


      Hahaha, i would say i'm sorry but....


      I'm not :P



  8. Yo I just purchased platinum VIP. Here's the confirmation number for the transaction: 8BS24748K5853563K
  9. Yo Im player from Finland. Been playing Enemy territory now like 7years i think had break and started play again 2k13. 2014 started play etpro whit my friends, still playing but im not like god aimer or superstar. Im just etpro guy who have decent aiming skills, gamesense and so on. Played whit guys named Nsd (my sensei), Cae, Venom, Systematic, Tomoyo and Domi. Sure theres more guys and girls but whit these played mostly etpro Been member/admin of teammuppets like hmmm 3y im still cheatbuster there but not admin anymore left there personal reasons. So what brings me here. F|A got great servers i play Hc/S1 mostly Enjoying play here now days and cheep heep said i should do account here. So here im :DDD Dunno what to tell im irl Tig welder. Welding stainless steel/ aluminium and weld all stainless steel/ aluminium parts 4 boats, trains, busses and so on. Like build and fix stuff my self too got many car and dirtbike projects and like play ET its like my only game what is my top1 addiction. Like move swim, run and so on just be good shape Well yea if u have any questions sure ask i try answer them if they r not really personal and i dont feel share that kind studd