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  1. Thanks for the fun and crazy moments. Had lot of fun Btw i think u all wanted piece of me Team bleeding me like that xD
  2. !apply :D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. P3swan


      @Patrick Theres nothing u can give to me that u can buy me in xD 

      @CheepHeep lol. Still salty i c :D

    3. CheepHeep


      @P3swan You know you're my bro ❤️

    4. Nancy


      Cheep, lets make a bet: I will shave my back if Pes will join FA!

  3. GL Boiii BTW: If u need some tricks and tips i can give some
  4. Hyvää nimipäivää kaima :D

  5. Happy birthday! 🎂

    1. Vindstot


      Happy birthday! 🎂

    2. P3swan


      Kiitos, Thanks :)

  6. Bit support for this great gaming community. Really enjoy playing games, chat and talk with u guys n ladys. Et, Ins, Doi and have lots of fun and best laughs. Hoping long live for this community. Cheers Pes or as many of u know me as Mr. Salty xD
  7. Holy crap! Didn't expect you to donate that much! Thanks!!!!!! Love you man. 

    1. P3swan


      Haha made promis to u that will suprise u :D

    2. CheepHeep
  8. Not gonna marry u Boiii

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    2. P3swan


      U got nothing to worry BSM :D

    3. CheepHeep


      @BSMof course babe. Just organising my divorce with pes with the lawyer. I'm taking half his skill as a result. Its only fair. All the trauma he put me through. 

    4. P3swan




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. P3swan


      Two shapes they can't constrain. Get ready, get set, let's roll. SHAAAAAAApe ShifteRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :DDDD

    3. Shape.


      dude , share whatever you had , i want it

    4. P3swan
  10. Mr. Salty

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    2. D..X


      no idea what there talking about

    3. CheepHeep


      P3swan salty mode at 500%

    4. Nancy



  11. Wheres my name? Salty lvl 100
  12. Still waiting btw :x

    1. RedAngel


      When you least expect it ;x

    2. P3swan


      It was indeed when i least expected it :D

    3. RedAngel


      Hahaha, i would say i'm sorry but....


      I'm not :P



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